Sunday, October 4, 2009

What's For Dinner?

I've discovered THE dining room furniture for us and our new home.. in the future. If only raisins were served, I would savor and dine on them elegantly with super long forks (that's my thing, can't eat with a short fork but I'll save that neurosis for later) with this fabulous, our name written ALL over it, dining room furniture.


Where have I been? Why had I never seen such decadent dining? Possibly because when I go to Neiman Marcus' website, I only gaze at the wearable finery.. never venturing to the Home section. This is where I got my first taste of the beautiful banquette...

So cozy and chic! I can totally see this in the "morning room" with tasty breakfast vittles.

I'm over the moon with this color combo. Love purple and grey together!

Soooo cute!

Now, if only we could put our new dining room set in our new house. *enter dream sequence*

I look at "our home" everyday, isn't she DY-NO-MITE!!?? For now, it's ours in my mind.. but alas, isn't that where any manifestation starts?