Monday, March 23, 2009

You're Invited

I wanted to share my awesome find on the mecca for all things wedding, ETSY - my invitation designer. Kate, is the mastermind and uber talented creative behind "Oh So Suite!"

She worked with my measly budget and was expedient in her response to my inquiry of pricing, design, etc... a MAJOR prerequisite. I believe she's going to present us with something truly beautiful.

Here's samples of the work that immediately caught my eye.

Fresh, modern and chic. Just what I was looking for. I'm anxious to see what design Kate has in store for our Pucci inspired wedding.

This Is IT!! For Real This Time...

A few posts back I mentioned that I was selling my Jim Hjelm gown in search for something less expensive. Why, since I had already paid for it?? Not exactly sure but it sounded liked a good idea at the time. I haven't sold it yet though. Any takers??

In my quest to find something less expensive, I found THE dress of all dresses for yours truly. It's by a company that I hadn't really heard of... Enzoani, my gown, more specifically, is from the line called Blue by Enzoani. Could it be kizmet?? Blue is my favorite color... Am I reaching?? Probably but it is GORG and I am in LOVE!!

Here she is in ALL of her FREAKIN' FABULOUSNESS!!!

I just GASPED when I saw this gown. The organza and tulle ruffled mermaid skirt is full of DRAMA, the sweetheart neckline, is well, sweet... the embellished "belt" at the waist, is fashionable and the covered buttons down the back is charming. I just LOVE this gown.

We plan to take our photos at various locations around the Manhattan before the ceremony. This high fashion looking gown and the urban backdrop of the Fashion Capital is just magic waiting to happen. Now to find shoes... sadly the Pucci shoes are out...way too busy. I'm thinking since the dress is ivory maybe a nude shoe with crystal embellishments. I don't know yet.. probably won't need shoes since I'll be on Cloud 9 all day.

I wonder if a pose like that could be worked into my wedding day photos in a natural way. lol

Pretty Pictures

Got great news!! Finally found a photographer that will give me exactly what I want.. two photographers and all images edited on a disc, affectionately known as a "Shoot and Burn".

Not surprisingly, I found them on Craigslist under the title "Not your Mother's photography.." or something to that effect. Craigslist is such a wonderful community for finding almost anything. I'm thinking of hiring a jazz sax player and a company that provides casino to go for the cocktail hour that I found on there.

Oh yeah, the photography.. it's gonna cost us a cool $1500.00. That makes me REALLY happy. I now have a little budget for a videographer. I just HAVE to have the butterflies (getting ready) and the bliss (ceremony) captured for my viewing pleasure forever!

The company is called Ethan Alfred Studios and the owner, Stacy Librandi, is spunky and fun, I liked her immediately! Although she won't be shooting our wedding, I know we're in very capable hands with her equally talented associate, Jeremy.

Look at the gorgeous photos I pilfered from her Flicker site.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Tale Of The Diva FG

So on Sunday when all the girls got together for our trip to the bridal salon, we brought along the junior bridesmaid and the flower girl, who will now and forever be known as "The Littlest Diva". While everyone was in an excited tizzy trying on the dresses, The Littlest Diva, would not stand to be left out. She left the dressing room area to seek out her own dress as the dress I showed her online wasn't exactly to her liking. She's FOUR YEARS OLD folks!!!

She quickly found a dress and swiftly stole away into one of the dressing rooms. She emerged with the biggest, most poufy dress with TONS of tulle for volume AND it had crinoline, so you know the skirt was up to her chest. lol

We all died laughing. Once I could finally get any words out, I asked her why that dress? She said so she can twirl. The Littlest Diva has spoken.

These are two options that I think are cute and would lend to twirling to one's heart is content:

Elegant V-Neck

Taffeta and Tulle

Both of these dresses can be found here. I will show The Littlest Diva both and see which one she likes best. Do you think I can use the Jedi Mind Trick to get her to pick the first dress?

One last thing... remember this:

The Big Girl Version:

Yea, Finally!!

We have finally found a dress for the sisters. Hands down the Mori Lee 731 dress was a hit. So much so that as soon as one of the sisters tried it on, she was already planning where would wear it next... her birthday cruise the following week. How's that for a bridesmaids dress that you can wear again!

This dress is FANTASTIC.. not only is it modern and chic but the quality and material is great. The only change we will be making besides adding my oversized flower, is taking the hem up a bit. As you can see from the photo the hemline is a little weird. I think a bubble hem style should hit right at the knee or a little above. In the case of my very short, lil sis.. it was almost to her ankles.. not a good look at all, though quite funny.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


In my decor mind mapping, I'm working from the outside in. From the outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour (or so) and lastly to the reception.

For the cocktail hour, I'm trying to visualize all the things I would like to see in our photography. You know all things we "ooooh" and "ahhhh" about when we take a peek at weddings in magazines and/or on the Net. Those little things that may go unnoticed but you love it so...

This is one element that I really like, the personalized Jones Soda.

Our bottles will more than likely have an image from our engagement photoshoot.

I planned to have those personalized soda bottles, in the Blue Bubblegum flavor, but I needed something cute to display them. I really like these:


Lillian Vernon

If you go to the Lillian site you can see your name personalized on the beverage tub.. when I did it and saw our name, it made me wanna buy them instantly, so I promptly placed two in the cart.

Two Of My Favorite Things

Bling and Orchids!!! Since we are no longer getting married in a church but instead in the tented pavillion adjacent to the reception venue, I've been thinking of ceremony decor. I randomly came across this Crystal Curtain and I must have it.


Pretty huh? I think instead of the clear crystals, we may do something that ties in more with the Pucci theme. Maybe these..


Or something to that affect. And in keeping with my downsizing mantra.. Wildthings has these bling curtains for very budget friendly pricing. Score!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hmmmm where go I begin? Do I start with the wedding was cancelled for 10 minutes? Or do I start with I had to give my vacation to my Mother because I felt she needed it more?

I'll start with the wedding that was almost canceled. Due to issues beyond my control, I had seriously contemplated canceling the whole thing. But due to the fact that so much money had already been spent, it would be crazy to forfeit those deposits... so I've had to downsize the rest of the wedding To-Dos. Let me first say while downsizing is practical, especially in this economy, I like the word SUPERSIZE so much better. But alas, when given lemons, one must make a kickass lemonade.

We've had to cancel our beloved cinematography by Still Motion and photography by Sallee Photography. I must admit, I'm really broken up about not having Still Motion. They totally rock and that Patrick is a darling. I'm currently scrambling for equally great vendors but that can accommodate our new budget respectively. Maybe some newcomers to the game with loads of talent. Any suggestions, please feel free to suggest. =)

On the wedding gown front, I've decided to sell my fabulous Jim Hjelm gown. Did I really need a 4k gown... not really, I just liked it ALOT! There are other fabulous designers out there with beautiful gowns. Case in point - Angelina Faccenda, she makes a gown quite similar to the Jim Hjelm, dare I say with a touch more UMPH, for under $900.00. See for yourself:

Jim Hjelm

Angelina Faccenda

I must admit downsizing has done wonders for my stress levels and overall well being. I'm not as worried and filled with angst. I feel more in control, which is a very good thing. I sleep more soundly and that's worth more than all the supersizing in the world.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cootie Catchers

I've just came across the cutest idea... the Cootie Catcher aka Fortune Teller.


Remember those from say...grammar school?? I remember never knowing how to fold them but truly enjoying their yummy contents. It was ALWAYS about boys and kissing.

Well after hunting down a tutorial, I now know how to fold them:

But how to print them is an entirely different beast. I have had no luck finding a DIY for the printing part. I really don't want to shell out $100.00 bucks, the going rate, for something that will cost a small fraction of that. *sigh*

I think they would make awesome ice breakers at the cocktail hour (or so).

If anyone knows of or has a template, please share.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Summer Wish

If I could wish for one thing this summer, it would be to have every dress I wear have this cute detail in the back. Well, not every dress.. maybe a couple. It's vintage fab! I totally LOVE it!

source by way of We Met in a Bar

Please hold, while I pen a "P.S. I love this..." email to Treasure....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Could It Be?

I finally found a few BMs options that I actually like. Which is your fav?

Watters and Watters Style 3428

Watters and Watters Style 3373, in black

I really like that it's similar to my wedding gown in style.

Mori Lee Style 731

I love this one! Especially since it's a style that will lend itself fabulously to my oversized flower obsession! My inspiration:


I'm getting excited again! This is possibly one more thing off of my massive "To Do" list.