Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blue Skies and Sunshine

I'm seriously in need of a month long dose of blue skies, sunshine, pink powdery sand, warm crystal clear waters and an unlimited amount of rum punch. Anyone with me?? This weather is so bleh! I know it's winter and all but I'm so ready for summer. After all, it's the season for my wedding!!!

I'm so excited!! The January 22nd put us at the 7th month mark. YIKES!! I still have so much left to do, which I pretty much have under control but the one element that is giving me angst is invitations. Who KNEW this would turn out to be the bane of my existance??? Why didn't anyone tell me that it would be a such a task?? I'm almost to the brink of just buying them from Target. LOL... just kidding.. actually... maybe...

I've contacted 5 invitation designers only to be very disappointed and wasted more money and time that I care to even think about. I didn't think my idea of a cosmopolitan design that incorporated the skyline of New York and some nod to my Pucci inspiration, very Saima like but without the price tag, would be so difficult. But alas, I've been reduced to pondering pilfering Target for a few sets of invitations... Sad right?

I do have a glimmer of hope though. Remember Minna Designs?

Sooooo pretty right? I've always liked her point of view and design style. So I finally emailed her and we have an appointment on Friday.

I'm totally hopeful that this will be the last stop on the invite train or else it will be invites written on paperbags with crayon.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Leather Love

Lately, I've been on a serious leather jacket kick. Remember my wish list jacket by Elizabeth and James...

Well, I just couldn't justify spending that much on a wee leather jacket, luckily I found something with a similar shape and look, that's just as fab.

I just got it in the mail and I LOVE it.. I can't wait until the nicer weather so I can rock it!

Now I have my sights on this beauty.

FAB right!!?? I love the unique collar and the asymmetrical zipper. The mushroom color is a great alternative neutral that will compliment various wardrobe changes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hey Y'all!

Sending a shout out The "A" Listers! See them over there? ---->

Aren't they a FAB bunch! Seriously, I'm so excited to know that somebody reads my mindnumbing wedding ramblings and probably considerable typos, grammatical errors and using "FAB" every forth word.

This blog was created so I would still have friends and family once the wedding planning was over. I mean, to inundate your nearest and dearest with the latest in all things wedding may cause your phone to stop ringing. But to know I have "met" briends (bridal-friends) that are just as obsessed as I am and don't mind my incessant wedding chatter, makes my heart go pitter patter. YEA!!!!!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trendsetting Part Deux

Can I just say I LOVED how Kate Beckinsale graced the red carpet for the Golden Globes?? When I first saw her pic, the first thing that came to mind was her gown was GORGEOUS... a perfect fashionable wedding gown. The other thing I loved was the simple put her face front and center and you could focus on how beautiful she is AND the fab details of the gown. Lastly, the earrings! I loved the oversized, statement earrings. It brought in a little color and was unexpected. Loved it. And it's deliciously on trend for 2009 wedding style.

photo courtesy of FabSugar

I just keyed (industry speak for lead makeup artist) for a bridal editorial and there was lots of oversized florals, that I absolutely swoon over and oversized baubles...rings, bracelets-almost stacked to elbow, statement bib necklaces and oversized, glorious earrings. These items weren't worn all at the same time, of course but boy did it look FABULOUS with a capital "F".

2009 bridal fashion is all about the luxe factor. If you're planning to wear pearls, wear a ton of them.. different sizes and lengths. If doing a "diamond" look, go for the biggest earrings your ears can handle. Stack those Regina B. bangles...bring your something blue in a bold way like this. After all why not take advantage of your "all-eyes-on-me" starlet moment?

Friday, January 16, 2009


I usually don't blog about news events but I was so moved by this story I just had to.. By now, everyone has heard of the US Airways plane that crashed into the Hudson River. Because of the quick assessment and action of the Captain Chesley Sullenberger, EVERYONE walked away from that incident alive and well.

Captain Sullenberger... a modern day HERO!

Ultimate Beauty

Beautiful wedding makeup starts with great skin care. If you don't have a skin regi.. you should really look into it. It will make a world of difference for your wedding day makeup and just your "just-woke-up-fresh-faced" face.

So aside from the skin regimen, we ladies need a few tricks in our skincare routine. The trick that I personally use is, L'oreal Skin Genesis. This product is a unique, ultra lightweight treatment that microtightens pores and retexturizes skin to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin. Gotta love that! While alot of products have similiar claims, I had a particular litmus test.

See I can't sleep unless I'm on my stomach... this is torture for your face and as a result, it's given me a sleep crease. UGH! So when the sleep crease gets to be too much, I'll try to sleep on my back, which honestly, doesn't last too long. So I sought out the Skin Genesis as it touts skin tightening. It was only $13.00 on sale, so what did I have to lose?

The application is smooth and light, I love it. I smooth it all over my face, neck and the back of my hands. Then I follow with my fav moisturizer. Immediately, I feel my skin tightening.. whoa what is THAT!?!? I don't exactly "see" anything so I guess that's the mirco part of the treatment.

After using for a couple of days, the sleep crease is GONE!!! On top of that, my hands look more youthful, like they are plump with hydration.

I'm totally sold on this product and I recommend it to all my friends, family and brides.

I still sleep on my stomach... I know, I know, I'm a glutton for punishment. But with L'oreal Skin Genesis, I have total snap back.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Meet The Newest Additions To The Family

Well, not just yet... I have to send a "P.S. I love this..." to Treasure.

These shoes are from Steve Madden. And while sometimes I find his leather to be a little too hard, I love the style of these shoes and gotta have them! I'm gonna be like 10 feet tall in those "Mandyys"...ooooh what an "the air is thin up here"(or whatever that saying is) joy it is.

I'm Intrigued

As a person that loves to entertain, these "plates" have piqued my interest, as found on LotusHaus.

Balance your bubbly and scallop wrapped in bacon! I love it! I mean it's weird but GENIUS! I'm kinda tempted to try them for my Valentine's Day strolling cocktail party. If you're just as intrigued, head on over to Fred & Friends.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I just love this pretty dress by Lela Rose. It comes in such beautiful hues. We may have a winner for a BM dress folks.

Just like the Bari Jay dress, I feel that I want to add this to my closet for myself. I think it's a sickness! But can you blame me? It's described as a 'crinkle chiffon with handworked rosettes at halter neckline, delicate shirring at bodice and skirt'.

It's perfect spring/summer, meet with a client or lunch with the girls dress, no? I can just taste the mimosas now. This dress makes me happy. Is that sad? lol

It's so dreamy, I love it! It also comes in a long version, which is nice.


Remember that huge pin on flower that I gushed about...

Well every since I stubbled upon it's over the top fabulousness, I had been brainstorming on how I could wear it. Lo and behold a most stunning way to don the bigger than life accouturement.... add it to my wedding gown!!!

Isn't THAT fab???! The gals at BridePower are so clever!! They took an already fab gown and added two burgundy OVERSIZED peonies in a slight diagonal orientation to the back of the gown. This "couture" touch just SINGS on this Vera Wang gown! They had a similar look with another Vera Wang but styled with gorgeous rhinestone encrusted belt.

Many a bride, present company included, often want to customize their wedding gowns to be even more special. When I ordered my gown, I asked if we could do away with one element and introduce another, more fab one.. a more "me" one. And while anything is possible, it's gonna cost you...heavily.

I wanted to add a crystal encrusted applique to my gown and that sucker is a whopping $700.00!!!!! What in the over-priced hell?!?!?! Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper but in my "look-at-me-I'm-in-my-wedding-gown" high, I acquised.

So back to the flower... while I may not be able to use this fantastic idea for my wedding gown, it would be a super fantastic option for any bride that needs a little something extra for her gown. Be it to add a little color in a refreshingly different way or using a white or cream version of the oversized flowers, for something more classic but insanely glamourous. I *HEART* this idea so much! Oh yeah and the bestest part, it's a fraction of the crazy prices for gown customization. Gotta love that!

*EDIT - I really need to stop posting on 2 hours of sleep - April from BridePower sent me an email letting me know that that Vera gown came with the flowers. Oooooh! But even still, I love the idea and now we know we can borrow from the idea with our own DIY.*

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If Only I Had The Guts

I would love to wear a veil like this. It's quite fab, if only for fashion shows and photo shoots. Otherwise my dear Treasure would have to stand 4 feet away from me or else crush my swirly, cloud-like veil.

photo courtesy of Amsale by way of Think Happy Thoughts

Monday, January 5, 2009

Makin' Up Ain't Hard To Do

Please excuse the title, I thought it was kinda cute. Bad grammer aside, the premise is the same...make up isn't hard to do when armed with good information. The 411 in Bobbi Brown's latest book, "Makeup Manual", is a great resource for a DIY bride. If you're planning to do your own makeup for your wedding, this book is a must have.

I received a copy today and it was a treat. The first part of the book anyway, which is geared toward being a step by step, beautifully photographed guide. The second part of the book, the "Pro" part was... meh.

Armed with this book, I'm confident that the makeup challenged can step up their game.

Also, Miss Brown will be signing copies of her new book at Bloomingdale's SoHo on January 8th, from 2pm-3pm. Call (212) 729-5900 to reserve a spot.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


My wedding is a short 8 months away, in August... so I've turned my thoughts to long, sunshine-y days, warm breezes, glam jeweled thong sandals, flow-y sundresses and sunglasses a la Rachel Zoe. While in my summertime trance, I've begun to rethink the black bridesmaids dresses. Although you can't get any more chic and unfussy than a black cute dress, maybe these fab finds will change my mind completely.

These dresses by Bari Jay are just adorable and effortlessly fabulous! My sisters would look great in any of the three styles, while different body types, I believe these are complimentary on any gal. I'm also loving the showing of the long and short version. Muy perfecto for designating a MOH from the BMs.

The last dress, in the short version would definitely be a winner with my summer wardrobe. I could totally see myself hosting a rooftop soiree with this ka-ute dress and the aforementioned glam thong sandals and fab sunnies.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Thank you!!

Wow, I'm truly overwhelmed. Since my last post, we've booked 76 weddings for this year and I still have 13 more prospective bridal clients to follow up with!!!! Thank you to all the Planners that have referred brides and past brides that have referred friends and brides that happen to stumble onto our blog. =D

Because of this unexpected influx of business, I will be able to hire more Artists to join our team. I'm so happy because I can be a blessing to someone else by providing employment.

This year is starting off... a truly wonderful one.