Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Really Like This

dining room table..

Perfect size and interesting detail... now I just have to see how much this Dynasty Dining Table costs.

And this wallpaper:

It's Folio's Derwent from Osborne and Little. It's pretty and whimsical. I have a fear of pattern but I still like it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Need Some Art Up In This Piece!

There are two pieces of art that I'm dying to have.. one is a work from the incomparable James Nares.


This is my favorite. Can you tell I love Blue?

Gosh, I LOVE this one too.
I would love this one for the living room. It's perfect.

Another piece that I'm dying to have is this:

I love this piece too but don't know who the artist.. anyone know?

Dreaming of a Chinoiserie Dining Room

Just some inspiration photos of what I want for the dining room:

So much inspiration, I like so many different things... I have no idea where to start.

Trying My Hand...

at my first home project, the third floor bathroom.

It has good bones. Great vintage tile floor, clawfoot tub, wainscoting and it's spacious.

I like the paint color, which is a light aqua but I would like to make it more sexy. I'm thinking painting the the room black. I think it would work well because although the windows are small, the room gets GREAT light. Also, I would like to change the mirror and light sconces. I need some bling up in there. The sink also needs a skirt...don't want everybody to see her "business" down below and it would give me some storage.

Love the tub and still thinking about painting it... and removing that "winterized" sticker. I would also like to get a shower faucet.. I love those!

I would like to put some kind of tufted seating along the wall under the windows. I would also like to have some kind of window dressing. Maybe I'll try some tulle on  the windows, like Dolce and Gabbana in their Italian villa.

This area needs a little chest to hold toiletries and the like... Not sure if the prior owners planned to hang that little cabinet but I'm not a fan.
So, here's my "To-Get" list:

Some crystal sconces

                                                                                or this

A clawfoot tub shower fixture:

A new mirror:

A new sink skirt, that I plan to make:

Need some seating:

Something like this...

                                                                                or this

A little chest:

Basically, my bathroom is inspired by this fabulous room.

This room is so fabulous! I love every single element. I also want my bedroom to be inspired by it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Farewell Amy Winehouse

Poor Amy.. gone at the tender age of 27. She was so talented...

Rest in peace..

Thursday, July 21, 2011

He's Back!!

The hulky groundhog..

He's all, "Whatchu lookin' at!??"

He's all, "Yeah, this will be good for sunning myself today."

He's all, "Enough with the paparazzi routine."

Of course, I took these BEHIND the door, INSIDE the house.. because he looked like he would scratch my eyes out if I disturbed his tanning session.

Pretty In Python

I love all things exotic skins.. from accessories to housewares but I never thought of possible python on my nails.

I stumbled across this FAB (already shed) snakeskin manicure and I wanna rock it. Right this moment.. Somebody please send me some already shed snakeskin.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Movin' Things Around

I was up really early and took Chompers on a long walk. During our walk, I was finally inspired to work on totally clearing out the living room and playing with furniture placement.

I still need to paint the fireplace. May do that today. I would also like to find some X-benches or something to place in the foreground area of this photo. That's the area that's open to the foyer..

Trying my hand at a vignette... I need more accessories and to decide if fushia will be my accent color. Also should I keep those armchairs cream or reupholster in a cute pattern? Should they stay antique gold or should I repaint in a snazzy silver? Decisions, decisions.

Will have a custom daybed, bench type thing made to fit into the bay window seat area on the left. I want it to be a cream color and I can't wait to zhush it with big, fluffy, colorful pillows.

Will also pick up spray paint and finally paint those tables... after I take off the tags. LOL
 I'm pretty happy with what I came up with and made notes of what I have to swap out.. for example need new lamps, I have to spray paint the circle tables an antique gold color, (until I find a cocktail table.. should the circle tables not suffice) new accessories and my walls are in need of some interest. Still looking for a great abstract.

I want a glamorous living room.. hopefully, I'm on my way.