Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get In My Kitchen!

I will be working on the kitchen.. painting, making or buying something for the windows, adding some type of storage, a rug and a rustic kitchen island. I will be tackling lighting at a later date when funding permits.

Right now, I'm loving the idea of a rustic island. It will be charming in our old, but newly painted kitchen.



The look of this one is my fav. Hopefully, I can find one like it.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Party Time

Let the holiday parties commence!


I would love to have a party to rock this nude/camel look to.. it's so unexpectedly fab. In a sea of little black dresses, I wanna be a "nude" goddess.

My Thanksgiving Table

I must say that out of all the wonderful things I'm thankful for in my life, I'm also thankful that I started blogging. It has opened my eyes to so much. It has helped me become a better home maker. I've learned to love thrifting, decorating, DIY, cooking more elaborate meals and making everything I do in my home, more purposeful and a little more fab.

Blogging provides me with so much inspiration for doing everything in life.. just better. I love that.

Case in point, I shared really wonderful mother, daughter time as I showed her how to make a simple floral arrangement. It was a lesson for me too, as I had never done it before but Eddie made it look simple yet elegant enough.

Most of the roses were still kinda closed, so Briani painstakingly opened most of them. In addition, we didn't have floral foam or florist table... too much running around to do and not enough time to find foam and tape. We made due with a grid made of  Scotch tape.

I also got to use some of my vintage and thrifted finds:

I found this sterling silver punch bowl after attending my very first Estate Sale. Thanks Tonya, for telling me about this treasure trove.. the Estate Sale.  This was my first time using it as a vase.

I had been dying to have the bamboo flatware but never pulled the trigger to get the set from Neiman's. So, I went trolling Craigslist and found this pretty fabulous gold bamboo flatware set. I had never considered gold flatware before but I thought it was pretty darn cute. For the set of 43 pieces, (it was missing a small fork) I got it for a steal of $40.00.

The black plates came from the Dollar Store... crazy right?  I was thrilled to find black plates there... they are really great, nice weight and dishwasher and microwave safe. The gold chargers was a purchase made during the summer at Bed, Bath and Beyond.. I think I paid $3.00 for a set of 8, so I got the gold AND silver.

The little gilt pumpkins were found last minute at the grocery store... I spray painted them gold.

The striped "tablecloth" is fabric I found at IKEA. Thank you Natalie for this inexpensive find!!  This fabric was perfect, I LOVED it.

Without further ado, my first fancy-ish table setting.:

I was missing napkins and napkin holders but I ran out of shopping time. *sigh*

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We had a house full of friends and family and it was the absolute best time EVER!!  I hope your Thanksgiving was just as wonderful.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Bella-issimo *Twilight Spoilers...kinda*

Did you see the The Twilight Saga-Breaking Dawn Part 1? I have to say I really enjoyed the movie. I watched with baited breath to see Bella's Carolina Herrera designed gown.

As I watched Bella nervously walk down the aisle, I could only swoon at her total look.. very classic with a touch of sultry. OMG don't even get me started on her shoes!!! I want them!!

This picture does them NO justice. I LOVE them. I HAVE to have them. You want them? Manolo Blanik has released "The Swan"

I was telling my daughter, who accompanied me, that I've had 11 brides book hair and makeup with me and they all said want to look like Bella from Twilight. The movie only came out on November 18th and already brides have let it influence their wedding day look. I anticipate, gladly, more bookings to look like Bella.

I must admit though, Bella did look beautiful at her "MidSummer's Night Dream" inspired wedding.

I knew it would be only a matter of nano seconds before Bella's gown was copied and available to the bridal masses. Alfred Angelo has made a stunning copy.


It's almost true to the original.. Herrera's gown was silk, Angelo's copy is satin. It's retailing for $799.00.

That back is STUNNING!!! I love the buttons down the back and on the sleeves, gives it a vintage feel.
So pretty. Do you see Twilight? Did you like it? Like Bella's bridal look?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

I've been needlessly stressed about Thanksgiving dinner. I am forgetting the reason for the day.. to spend time with friends and family, being thankful for the many blessings in my life and eating myself into a Turducken coma. So, I scrapped all of my grand ideas for this Colin Cowie-esque table and buffet setting.

In an effort to simplify my life and preserve my sanity, I want to have a beautiful yet chic. My dining room is basically a blank slate, so I figured I really wanted to make the table pop but with minimal effort. Here's my inspiration:

Simply yet impactful. I will have to run to the fabric store and hopefully they have a wide striped fabric. *fingers crossed*  

I will add my gold flatware, black plates, candles and a pretty flower arrangement and call it a fab Turkey Day!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Get In My Kitchen!

I have been contemplating my Thanksgiving meal.. more specifically the dessert(s). My Hubby suggested that since this is our first Thanksgiving in the new house we should kick it up a notch and do a dessert buffet. Sounds good but also sounds like a lot of work.

In addition to the praline sweet potato pies, German chocolate and Spice cakes, I wanted to also make mini caramel apple pies.

I have never made a pie before let alone mini ones but I'm confident I can do it.. especially with the muffin pan technique. But I would rather use this instead:

Breville Pie Maker

 This pie maker would make a great Christmas gift. *hint*

I'm always smitten with a kitchen appliance that makes minis!

I could have my daughter make the pies.. store bought pie crust, some doctored up apple pie filling and 8 minutes later, delicious and CUTE looking pies.

Then, the next morning, I could whip up some mini quiches to go with some mini Belgian waffles.

Even with all the work ahead of me, I must admit I'm feeling a bit ambitious for the dessert buffet. In addition to the cakes, pies and chocolate fountain, I wonder if I could make these too?

Raspberry Lemon Trifle 

Rolo Brownies
What delicious desserts are you making for this Thankgiving?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Judging A Book...

I don't have one design book. Nope, not one. So, I'm building a list and will start a collection. Here's what's at the the top of my list so far:

Truth be told, I love the ceiling and the art on the front cover, that's why I want it. I'm sure it will have great content but the cover really captured me.

Another cover that captured me..

Since becoming familiar with Eddie Ross and more recently, Mr. Goodwill Hunting,  I'm all about buying antiques and shopping fleas and Goodwills. Never in a million years did I think I would love anything that wasn't modern and contemporary but I have grown and evolved in my decor aesthetic.

I may not like EVERYTHING she does but she takes risks and has a very bold point of view and I love that.

I love Jaime Drake's interiors and his use of bold color.

It's Vogue...'nuff said.

Not a decor book but I'm planning to go to Paris and don't want to have any fashion faux pas.

Not a decor book either but I freakin' LOVE the cover and I love Jay Z!


How cute is this De Gournay designed bike?

While very pretty, it's overwhelming to me.

Love this installation, mostly because it's tonal design. Although, I believe I want a Chinoiserie dining room, I have a phobia of prints. This tonal design really appeals to me, it's more subtle but still very beautiful. And don't get me started on my favorite chairs - I LOVE Porter chairs.

This is also very pretty because it's larger design. There's lots of negative space, which I like.

I have considered just doing panels and while very nice, it doesn't capture the look that I want. But it is a great alternative for a print adverse, such as myself.   

I think I will HAVE to impart a interior designer for my dining room. There's too many elements that I love and want to incorporate for lots of trial and error...not to mention the money.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bathroom Remix

I'm really under the gun to get the house together as much as I can before Thanksgiving. I have friends, that's more like family, coming to stay a few days and I want their experience to be as nice as I can make it.

In addition to new bedding and temporary window coverings for the guestrooms, I have to do something with the main bathroom that everyone will use. Although, it's a new bathroom, it's totally not my style.

Bleh, what color is that on the walls?? See the Roman shade that came with the house? I should be embarrassed that it's still up but I'm not. Just have to work on changing it alot sooner than I was ready to. I have an enclosed jacuzzi tub which I HATE. It's such a waste because we never use it and I'm not a fan of enclosures like that.. especially with the brassy trim on the doors. YUCK!! Because we can't rip out that tub and wall just yet, I will have to hang a shower curtain to hide the ugly.

I need to change out that mirror and faucet fixture. I see a more prettier oval mirror and more antique-y looking faucet fixture in my immediate future. I HAVE to get rid of the paint color. It's so unfab.

I also have to get rid of that light fixture. I'm not a fan and makes it so difficult to do my makeup, it creates so many shadows. So, my thoughts are to flank an oval mirror with some nice lighting.
I'm so inspired by this bathroom look:

In addition to that fab clawfoot tub, I really love the painted "wainscoting" look and that the trim is painted black.

Considering that I have a limited budget and a time crunch, I will just paint and hang a nice shower curtain, add some fluffy towels, a pretty tray. That should be good, right?