Friday, October 28, 2011

Gold Turkey

Nope, that's not a typo..

Some things just shouldn't be tapered with. YUCK!

I do think this edible, food safe, spray "paint" would be good for desserts. I would love to have gold and silver frosted cupcakes for a New Year's soiree.

Couldn't find a cupcake but you get the idea.. Pretty right?
Would you try Food Finish? What would you use it for?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Digs

I'm thinking about a blog makeover. As much as I love my lil' blog, I want to make it more ME. I want something bling-y and visually stunning... I don't know how "bling-y" translates to HMTL for a blog but that's what I want.

First and foremost, I would really, really, REALLY like to be able to add bigger pictures to my blog. I love when I visit a blog and their photos are as big as life. I like that.

I also want to make it more organized as I plan to add more interesting content.. because, frankly, as I grow.. so should my blog.

I want to consider my blog a life and style blog or grow into that... so while "P.S. I Love This" is kinda a catch all for all the fab stuff I LOVE.. I want it to more defined, digestable and prettily packaged... kinda like a petit four.

I'm just thinkin'... ummm... writing "out loud" but as I further ponder the future of my blog, I would love suggestions on a great blog designer.

Soooooo, who do you recommend?

Get In My Closet! Walkin' On The Wild Side Edition

I typically play it safe with my clothing options but I saw two things that really tickled my fancy.

At first, I was like, "Ugh" but as I continued looking at shoes, I kept going back to these. I like the almond toe shape and the chunky heel. The gold color makes them quite interesting and could be a fab pop to an outfit. I totally see me rockin' them with some skinny jeans and blazer. So, now I want them. I will call them my Superhero shoes.

Next up, skinny jeans with a twist.

I didn't really need much prodding with these Gray Cheetah Print skinny jean .. LOVE them. However, as I said, it would be a walk on the wild side for me. (no pun intended) I have never worn a jean with a print. But with the subdued color, I'm game. I could see these with a chunky black sweater, cropped leather jacket and my black Double Platform Loubous.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Designer Holiday Decor

I know it's only approaching Halloween and I have some time before these decor ideas become necessary but my mind has been on holidays... more specifically Christmas. I love Thanksgiving too but I don't really decorate for Thanksgiving.

This year I want to have a gold Christmas tree.. yup, I do. So, I figured I really needed to up the fab factor with it's decor. I have always admired trees dressed to the Christmas nines but could never figure out how to make it happen at home.

Well, I have to wonder no more. I found this great tutorial on creating a designer tree and it's so simple but the impact is POW!!! Who knew it only took some metallic mesh to zhush it up???
I found these great ideas at Sam's Club.. *record scratch* I know, right. Whodathunkit?

Of course, my color scheme will be different. I'm thinking golds, champagnes and sparkly things.. and a fab faux fur throw for the tree skirt.

I will also take Eddie's advice and wrap the gifts in coordinating colors...using pretty wrapping paper and fabric bows..

Via Eddie Ross

He even has a tutorial on how to make a pretty bow.

I can't wait... our first Christmas in the new house.  Yay!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lucite Delight

I'm planning to replace the bench that came with my antique baby grand piano. Out with the old and in with the fabulous!

King George Bench
I wanted to add a touch of Lucite to the living room. I love Lucite for it's lightness and glam factor. I will be ordering a bench from Plexi-Craft.

Although it will be designated primarily for the piano, it will be great additional seating, when needed.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Munchin'

I have never tasted anything pumpkin. I don't even buy pumpkins, real or fake, for Halloween. But I may be changing my tune after seeing this recipe.

Savory Roasted Pumpkin with Beef Short Ribs
Doesn't that look yummy?? Here's the recipe I borrowed from Mark's Daily Apple.

Simple ingredients too?  Score!
Looks to be a wonderfully delicious and easy to make, comfort food dinner. I'm gonna try it..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Changed my mind

About the family room seating, that is. The family decided that they don't want a sectional. A single sofa it is...

I blogged about this room before.. so love it's neutral color scheme. The velvet light mustard sofas look so comfy. That creme piping is perfection.

Aerial view of loveliness. That fur throw.. YES PLEASE!

Love the framed art too!

Gilded Entry, The Remix

Much better.. I just shopped my house for accessories. I will swap items as I find them. Home Goods, here I come!!

Then I decided to jazz up the front door. I was inspired by French interiors with gold trim on the doors.

Need to get around to changing the foyer lighting.. and the family room for that matter. But I like how everything is coming along.

I think I need a rug or runner for the foyer but I have no idea what to get.

Monochromatic accessories..  Asian scholar figurine and lidded box for keys and mail. It will do for now.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Gilded Entry

Today I worked on the entry area of the house. Although the foyer is spacious, there are no walls to really work with. So, I decided to try and make it a little nicer and define it a bit.

I had a small table that fit the space nicely:

I liked its cabriole legs and open fretwork but the darkness of it was blah. So, I broke out my handy dandy gold spray paint....

Ahhhhh, the gold is so much prettier. I added an Asian figurine lamp (will change out the lampshade.. it's just a placeholder...good shape but not the color).

I knew I needed something on the wall. First up, a picture that I love:

Hubby was so kind to hold it in place for me, while Chompers looked on... I like it but don't love it.

Next up, I figured I'd try a mirror that I have. I knew it would probably be too big for the space but I wanted to see if a mirror would work better.

I really liked the mirror. It instantly further brightened and enlarged the space. The mirror is kinda heavy so I couldn't get Hubby to maneuver out of the way..but I think it looks great. The oversizeness of the mirror was really appealing, very glam!

Which do you like? Picture or mirror...or should I look for something else for the wall?

If I go with the mirror, should I get a taller lamp? Or can I get away with sitting the lamp on some books?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Found It

YAY!! I found a camel sectional, which was proving to be difficult without going the custom upholstery route.

Allison Sofa

I happened upon Build-a-Sofa on someone's blog advertisements. I had never heard of them before but their offerings seem to be just what I'm looking for. I can customize an already offered sofa, which I plan to do with this Allison sectional. I don't like the chaise part.. especially since my inspirational sofa doesn't have one:

I'm gonna give them a ring today to inquire pricing and delivery charges. I can almost check this sofa search off my "To Do / Find" list.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Isn't She Lovely

The sofa was completed over the weekend and it is beautiful. Sanctuary Design did a wonderful job. Rosa was an absolute joy to work with. She was very patient as I changed my mind a million times. She was quick to respond to emails and phone calls. The whole process was seamless and I can't wait to work with her on a few other custom furniture items for my home.

The only issue was that they don't offer shipping, which I knew when I started the process. In instances where I have to provide shipping, I usually use Greyhound or TSC Moving.

The sofa is too big to ship via Greyhound so TSC Moving it is.. I should have the sofa in about 2 weeks. Yay!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Small House Update

I should be embarrassed about the amount of time it has taken to paint the family room.. but really, I have no shame. Too busy and too tired to paint.

I had to hire someone to finish the job.. and I'm so freakin' happy to see the almost finished final product!!

I wish I had a better camera because I would like to capture a panoramic view.

The new camel sofa is gonna looks so pretty in there. Also, I was looking closely at the marble on the fireplace and it has camel veining in it too.. how perfect is that?

I can't wait to replace that chandelier.. I think I want this one:

Sooooooo pretty!!!!!

In other news, remember I wrote about wanting a leopard or zebra print runner on the stairs? Well, I received the samples from Ballard's and let's just say I must continue my search.

These options read too red and brown and doesn't provide enough contrast on the wood floors.

I took my zebra cowhide and folded it up to get an idea of what it could look like... and I still love it. I just need to find a more contrasting and graphic option.

Yup, I still love the look.. just need to find the perfect  pattern and colors.

Black on Black on Black

So, I'm toying with the idea doing a black kitchen. We get tons of light in our kitchen and I think it could handle it. I really like the chicness of it and I am partial to having something fun and different.

So loving this!! The black countertops and that black tiled backsplash... SWOON! It's especially great because I was wondering if our black Soapstone countertop would work and now I know it will.


 The best thing is, if I don't like it, I can just have it re-painted.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Outdoor Decor Allure

I may be the only person purchasing outdoor furniture in the dead of winter.. But it's my hope to get this fab outdoor furniture from Restoration Hardware, on sale. Hopefully, snow will elicit a super sale price.

Outdoor Belgian Slope Arm

Belgian Track Arm Outdoor


I really love all of these options. They are the anti-Home Depot outdoor furniture. I do love Home Depot for some things but outdoor furniture is not one of them.

The best part is any of these seating options will look great with my new patio table:

It has a European flair to it that I just love. Still looking for the perfect chairs to go with.

Just like my house, I want my backyard oasis to be comfortable and sophisticated. Admittedly, I have alot of work to do but it's all about the journey, no?

A Little Flair For The Stair(s)

I'm pondering an animal print for the stairs. I really love the unexpectedness of seeing that dash of sophisticated flash in a home. I'm all about the flash.

I'm partial to the runner covering the stairs...partially.

I really adore each print, Zebra and Leopard, equally so choosing one will be difficult. I've ordered some samples from Ballard.

I'm hoping that the sample is at least big enough to see what it will look like on the tread.