Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Days Are Here Again!

We closed on our first home today. I was so nervous because we hadn't gotten the final, final numbers (which kept changing) until a half hour before our scheduled closing time.

The last time, we did that song and dance, was for the other house and the lender came back with an additional 10k needed to close, a few hours before that scheduled closing! Really?! Did they think would could just pluck that money out of our behinds? Yea, no, that didn't work out.

We waited with baited breath, hoping it would not be another disappointment.

Alas, the numbers were almost on target and we raced down to the bank to get a certified check. Holding that check, made out to our title company, made it all real... almost surreal. I know people buy houses everyday but for me... for us... it was a big deal. Another milestone in our journey in life together.

We can't move in right away as there's some work that needs to be done first. The biggies, new electric and heating. Those are kinda important. Also, new exterior paint, remodeled kitchen, replacing windows and new insultation in the attic are also part of the beautifying. So we're looking at about 60-90 days, weather permitting.

Front of house
Back of house

Once that's all done, we can move in and we can start making a house our HOME!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dreaming Of A White Kitchen

I adore everything about this white kitchen! Those creamy white cabinets punctuated with the rich expresso trim of the glass faced cabinets, FABULOUS!!!

 Also love those dainty pendant lights, so pretty.
photo Decorpad

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fab Finds

Our kitchen (in our soon to be house) is rather small-ish. So with some creative maneuvering during the remodel, the space will be more functional and more easy on the eyes. However, I do have a dilemma with storage and seating. Not enough storage and no real area for seating.

Now you may be wondering, "Well, if you're doing a remodel, why don't you have the additional storage and seating you need?" The short answer is when your doing a 203K loan, a mortgage that covers both purchase and repairs, you cannot add anything that's not already there. So while I can make changes to the existing cabinetry, flooring, lightening, re-arranging the appliances, it still doesn't create the function of a modern family. The house is 112 years's a charmer but Mama needs more storage and seating.

The answer... an eBay find, a super cool kitchen island.

This is an awesome find because it's inexpensive and two kills 3 birds with one stone, it provides seating, storage and it looks great!

I thought my only options would be a kitchen cart, ugh!

Last night while surfing the interwebs for said ugly kitchen cart, I happened upon 'kitchen furniture', which lead me to the pretty kitchen islands. You can't imagine my excitement as I had NO idea this solution existed beyond buying from a custom and costly cabinetmaker.

My excitement was abound when I discovered this seller on eBay that made custom kitchen islands with all these cool features, with most offerings around $1200.00.
Pull out pot drawers

Dish rack

Trash bin

Spice rack

Other offerings from this seller:

Apron sink with faucet
Pretty corbels

Love those pullouts

Locking butcher block slide out

Another island with a sink option

Granite countertop choices

Love the design of this one

Large custom island

Love the integrated wine rack and open shelves
I'm always amazed by what I find while surfing in the wee hours of the morning.

Cocktail Time

I have been looking high and low for a fabulous, affordable bar cart. Unfortunately, I've only been able to locate ones that cost several hundred dollars. Boo!

Beautiful find by Eddie Ross

Great alternative!!
But I DO find plenty of these china cabinets, at thrift shops, relative's basements, Craigslist, etc... so this maybe be a more attainable acquisition in my very near future.

I just adore the casual chicness of having a bar in a repurposed china cabinet. FABULOUS!

If this is your image, please let me know

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fab Finds

I love this chair! It's so feminine and unique. Although it's sold as a dining room chair, I love it as an office chair, for a woman, of course.

Love this idea... a repurposed metal trunk as a bathroom vanity.

  Hollywood Regency bamboo console table. LOVES!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Right Up My Alley... Z Gallerie!

I just LOVE me some Z Gallerie! When looking for the special something, I'm never disappointed. Look at what tickles my fancy now:

Zebra Table Runner - So unexpected, So FREAKIN' FABULOUS!

Munich Dining Table  - LOVE the base of this table.

Axis Floor Mirror - I would like this mounted on a wall. FABULOUS!

Ling Wine Bottle Holder - I would LOVE this for a Christmas Gift *hint*

Strella Dinnerware - LOVE the color and pattern!
Are you lovin' you some Z Gallerie too?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Feverish

I don't know what it is lately but I'm feeling all baby-y. I've been constantly looking at baby clothes, strollers, of which I think I want a Pram, newborn baby photography, cute hair bows, awwww, everything is so cute and precious.

Soooooo cute!

Mostly all of these photos are considered Newborn photography (sleeping baby photos), which has to happen before 2 weeks of age. This is an optimal time to get those wrinkly, peach fuzz covered, sleeping baby photos. Also the photography space has to be around 90 degrees, this is to obviously keep the unclothed baby warm and I think it aids in them remaining sleepy and relaxed. Lastly, most shoots take place in the morning, which yields the best natural light for this type of photography.

All photos from ETSY

Our Furry Lil' Boy

I just realized I haven't posted about our lil fur baby since I surprised my husband for his birthday in January. Well, Chompers has changed alot. He was a little spitfire when he was a "toddler" and now that he's a "lil boy", he's even more character filled.

Doesn't he look like he's just itching to get into something??

Happy and Smiling Before Grooming
Subdued After Grooming
Loves Playing Predator With His Toys
"ACK!!!" He's Reaction To One Of The Hottest Days This Summer
Another Favorite Past time, Bug Catching
HATING The Ponytail Look Grandma Gave Him LOL

His birthday is coming up so I'm thinking of getting a doggie birthday cake and inviting his lil' doggie friends and doggie cousins over to the park for some butt sniffing and play fighting.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Grrrrr, Baby Grrrrr!

Love everything about this room! I have a growing affinity for armless sofas and this Tiger sofa just speaks to me. It beckons me to come and rescue it from the clutches of Horchow's showroom. Also, seductively whispering, "Come hither.." are the Circle Sculpture art pieces behind the sofa. J'adore!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Put A Ring On It

I adore this ring!

It's one of the latest offerings from Luxuria Jewellery. I'm drawn to it's solid sterling silver sleekness and locket function. It's different and I like different.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finding Inspiration In The Weirdest Places

I happened to be perusing Kim Kardashian's blog (don't judge me) and there was an older post with selections she was deciding amongst, for her Emmy's Dress.

I know I'm late and this is waaaaay after the fact but I thought this gown was stunning. I LOVE it for a wedding gown!

I don't know who the designer is... maybe Basil Soda? Anyone know? Kim?

Anywhoo.. this gown is AH-MAZING and looks stunning on Kim K. It's a very pretty departure from her usual body hugging fashions.

I think it would make a beautiful wedding gown as well. I could imagine how ethereal a blushing bride would look floating down the aisle with this gown creating an effortless billow as she walked toward her groom.

Oh, and regarding finding inspiration in the weirdest places... did you happen to notice that FAB swirly tile border on the floor? Would you think I was crazy to notice THAT before noticing the gown?? I guess it's because I'm in a house beautifying state of mind.