Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Christian I Love

Christian Siriano, that is. I just love his work. I wish I could have every collection of his in my closet and for him to come and dress me every morning. One can dream...

In addition to breathtaking clothes and bridal gowns, he also designs shoes. I've seen a few pair on the Fall '10 runway that I'd like to find new homes in my closet. Seems that I may be able to do that as he has teamed up with Payless (of all places) to produce his runway shoes. Whaaaat??

You mean I can get these shoes at Payless???

all photos Payless

Get outta town!! I wonder if they will be leather? I wonder if they will be exactly the same as the runway shoes? Please, please, please be the same!

The blue ruffle satin shoes, my favs, will be coming home with me, Payless or not.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh Baby!

Seems like everywhere I look, I see babies. Sweet, cherubic, chubby cheeked babies. Alot of my friends are either new mommies or are soon to be new mommies. Can't say that the bug has bit me. Honestly, I'm not interested in the least.. for now anyway. After all, my "baby" will be going off to college next year. Wow, how time flies. *sniffle*

Anyhoo, with all the new expectant moms comes a multitude of baby showers. I've discovered some really cool stuff, none of which was around when I was a new mom. So as I check off gift items of off baby shower registries, I can't help but look for stuff for my "just in case" baby. And the item I would just HAVE TO HAVE is this convertible lifetime bed.

How incredibly fabulous is this crib-bed?!?! I'm all for transitional pieces and this suits my sensibilities wonderfully. This is the Chelsea Lifetime Crib in Antique Silver by PoshTots. It is pricey at $1537.00 but getting use out of it for a good 16 or so years, I think makes it a great purchase.

I leave you with a darling image of utter cuteness,


Totally what our birth announcement would look like. I've saved this photo for inspiration in my "just in case" folder.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Missioni Mission

Have you seen the trailer for Jennifer Lopez's new movie, "The Back Up Plan"? Looks like it's going to be a cute movie. I think I'll have a chuckle at a matinee showing of the film.

Movie musings aside, I love the clothes she wears in the movie (from what I saw in the trailer, that is)! In particular, a Missioni sweater, at least I strongly believe it is and I want it. However, it's surely a budget buster.


I found a cute look for less:

I think it's really cute and will quell my hankering for chevron.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do You Believe In Magic?

This is a totally random post but I just had to share. I have been on a seemingly never ending hunt for the perfect conditioner. I had been having a serious love/hate relationship with my hair and cleansing day is..well WAS a total nightmare.

I use Indian herbal powders for cleansing my hair, which is fine.. it strengthens my strains like nobody's business, so that's good. Then I condition and this is where the nightmare begins.. It seemed like none of the conditioners I had tried would ever give my hair enough slip or make it feel moisturized nor help with detangling, to my satisfaction. Ugh, the agony.

But now, *cue choir*, I have found something quite magical in my opinion and I couldn't be more thrilled!! Drumroll please!

The magic I speak of is TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisturizing Conditioner. This stuff is AMAZING, seriously... AMA-ZING!!! It's from the new Naturals line from TRESemme. It's a lightweight, silicone free conditioner that contains Aloe Vera and Avocado extracts. It's hypoallergenic, dye-free and color safe, which makes it great for all hair types.

When I first applied it to my hair, I knew I was on to something GREAT. It seemed to just melt into my hair, it was unreal. All the tangles disappeared with very little coaxing on my part.. a little fingering here and there and I was done. My hair felt plump with moisture and looked brilliant with shine. I'm smitten!

As with all things I love, I purchase in bulk. I high-tailed it to my nearest CVS to pick up a few more bottles, which was on sale 3 for $9.

Every time I look into my product closet (what? you don't have a product closet?), I smile and wink at my newest love.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Is There Anything Better Than Free Shipping?

Of course, there is...but free shipping ranks pretty high. So who's having free shipping? One of my favorite online shops, ASOS!

They are offering free shipping to the US until Monday. This was total music to my ears as there was a dress that I had my eye on.

ASOS Linen Cowl Neck Tulip Dress

I think it's a fantastic dress! This is the black color option but it also comes in a light gray. I just love how comfy yet stylish it looks. I think it will totally rock with a short leather jacket and look just as lovely all on its on.

Paris Nights And New York Mornings

Yes Please!

I love everything about this video! Her, her frickin' FABULOUS hair, her dress, the imagery and of course the song.