Friday, June 27, 2008


Here's another fabulust item. I think it is soooooooooo ka-ute!! It's a miniature wedding dress replica. Imagine the gown that you searched high and low for, in a mini??!! And just think..every time you feel nostalgic, you don't have to go visit the gown in the attic or in storage, you can just look at your mini me on the vanity and reminisce on how fabulous you looked on your wedding day.

I think it's especially great for me because I don't plan to keep my gown. It'll be a perfect 3-D keepsake. I can't wait to see my mini me with a birdcage veil, ha!

Not Another Ghost

I was thinking of our wedding photography, something that's almost constantly on my mind as we haven't chosen a photographer yet. And I got to thinking of the photo dujour - you know the one of the gown hanging from the window. I know that usually that's the only place that you can hang it without it getting mussed or wrinkled. It's not one of my faves - to me it always looks like a ghost. So I've been thinking of a way to display my gown, a) so it doesn't get wrinkled and b) to garner a great photo or two. So I've decided to rent a dressform. I've scoured the 'Net so you can get an idea of how fantastic it will look, should you choose to go the dressform route yourself.

Photos by Dino Lara Photography

*click on photo to enlarge*

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea. Your freshly pressed gown will be in all her splendor on display as she waits for you to get your hair and makeup done. Everyone will swoon as they admire her, "standing" tall and awaiting the big reveal at the ceremony. She'll "wink" at the photographer(s), as they snap her photo feverishly, then beam once her bride has dressed and seen herself for the first time in the mirror.

Yup, I gotta have this! Now where o where do I find a dressform rental?

Monday, June 23, 2008


I saw this flower a few times and thought it was awesome. It makes such a statement in it's simplicity. I think it would be striking someplace in the reception decor... in the more pinkish color, of course. It also comes in white.. SWEET!

It's called an Alluim. Pretty cute, huh? It's a member of the onion family. Who knew? I've read that they do produce a slight onion smell that disappates quickly.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Forget Canon In D

I wanna walk down the aisle to this!!

It's a fun song by The Emotions, with meaningful lyrics and I'll be humming along and smiling WAY too hard to cry.

Wanna have your own karaoke session and sing along.. here's the lyrics.

"You Got The Best Of My Love" The Emotions.

Doesn't take much to make me happy
and make me smile with glee
Never never will I feel discouraged
Cause our love's no mystery

Demonstrating love and affection
That you give so openly yeah
I like the way ya make me feel about you baby
Want the whole wide world to see

Whoa whoa, you got the best of my love
Whoa whoa, you got the best of my love
Whoa whoa, you got the best of my love
Whoa whoa, you've got the best of my love

Goin' in and out of changes
The kind that come around each day
My life has a better meaning
Love has kissed me in a beautiful way

And oh yea (my love, my love)
oh yea (my love, my love)

oh you got the best of my love
Whoa whoa, you've got the best of my love
Whoa whoa, you've got the best of my love
Whoa whoa, you've got the best of my love

Demonstrating sweet love and affection
That you give so openly yeah
The way I feel about ya baby can't explain it
Want the whole wide world to see

Ohhh but in my heart
You're all I need
You for me and me for you
ohhh, it's growin' every day

ohhh, oh oh oh oh oh
you've got the best of my love
ohhh, oh oh oh oh oh
you've got the best of my love
ohhh, givin' you the best of my love
my love ohh my love
ohhh, givin' you the best of my love
my love ohh oh yeah
ohhh, oh oh oh oh oh
you've got the best of my love


I came across this idea, forgot where, but I think it's genuis. It's a customizable embosser

You can order them with your logo or wedding motif or just your mailing address for those RSVPs. How classy is that? I know I would be impressed receiving an invite that's just as fancy on the outside as inside.

Here are a few samples of the cuteness:

Cherry Blossoms

Everytime I see Cherry Blossoms, I will think of one of my recent Brides.

I loved being apart of this wedding. Her family was very involved from the food to decor. I even got to see a relative ice and decorated the cake. It was great seeing everyone working so hard to make her day even more special. This event was coordinated by super spunky and talented Tracey and photographed by uber chic Tiffany Atlas. Hair and makeup by yours truly. =)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Designer's Challange

Hello All!! Missed you lots. Good news is I've been beautifying fellow bride to bes for their prospective wedding days. Busy, busy, busy but I love it!

Also made a big decision to change venues. So no longer will we have the romantic, vintage-y wedding at the mansion in PA. Now we're having a chic, city sleek wedding in the loft in NYC!!! I'm beyond thrilled even though we lost our hefty deposit on the mans. Having the wedding and reception at the Loft in NYC just feels right, you know? And the best part is we can transform it to anything we want.

In keeping with the city chicness, we're still keeping the black and white with jolts of fushia. BUT we're injecting black PATENT LEATHER and ZEBRA PRINT!! How fabulous does that sound!?!? I wanted to add the black patent leather for it's oh so cool look, perfect for a City nuptual. The loft has the clean lines and I thought it would be a divine compliment. The zebra print was my planner's idea and I loved it immediately.

I'm currently trying to put an inspiration board together. So stay tuned!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Reason For The Day

Finding the perfect gown, venue, menu, flowers, music, etc.. sometimes can be all encompassing. Let's face it, we, ladies can get downright obsessive with wedding planning. Just wanted to dedicate this post to my Treasure...the reason I'm happily obsessive about our wedding.