Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oooh La La

I think this would be adorable for my daughter's room remix.

It's a removable wall decal that I spied at La-De-Tots. How I wound up on a site for babies, I have no idea but this little find is really cute and perfect, I think, for her room remix! But with teens, you never know.

Ruffley Love

I am enchanted...

Vera Wang
photo courtesy of dress, design & decor

Thursday, January 28, 2010

She's Got Legs and She Knows How To Use Them!

I found them! I found them! I'm so excited!! Remember those silvery-chrome legs on the fab croc covered wingback chair I shared with you??

Mmmmmm, yeah...drool, drool..  those legs. Ever since I saw them, I've been obsessed and could not rest until I found them. I'm beyond thrilled. Have a look-see!

I found them at Closet Masters. They come in two finishes, Brushed Aluminum or Polished Aluminum. They cost $20.74 each but I will have a decorator friend try and get them for me cheaper. I mean $20.00 isn't a HUGE amount of money but that times 8... I'm thinking the savings can go toward my DIY nailhead application.

I've decided to have a pro take care of my furniture remix. To be honest, I'm a little nervous with such important pieces for my home. I think I will try my hand a smaller job and get my feet wet first before I can stomp with the big girls.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Favorite Hue

I just love blue and every variation of it. I have to incorporate more it into my decor... as I don't think only having blue Foo Dogs counts.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Feet!

I have been anxiously awaiting the faux croc material samples to see which I will purchase for my wingback chairs remix. Sometimes I get a little anxious about it.. Will it look right? Will I love it? Well, no more anxiety for me as I found a fab croc covered wingback as my inspiration.

click on photo to enlarge

This chair has my name all over it! It's a chic twist on traditional and aside from that fab white croc material, that nailhead trim and silver feet, just SINGS! SILVER FEET, I swoon. Just another item for me to obsess over. Where would I get those from? Suggestions anyone?

Now I feel as confident as ever on my choice -  hurry Mr. Postman with my samples!

My Dream House

She may look like a nightmare to some.. but I can see the beauty in this house. It was built in 1898 and it's zoned as a single family or a bed and breakfast. It has 15,000 square feet of living space, 10 fireplaces, a grand ballroom and 16x30 grand foyer. Unfortunately, due to some awful renovation, alot of the home's original design detail has been lost. I still think she's a diamond in the rough.

click photos to enlarge
photos courtesy of ReMax

I think I will do a drive by today, I just have to see this house in person. Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment. 

Although it's zoned for a B&B, maybe we can host small weddings instead. That way, this beautiful home would be the "home" of many beautiful beginnings. See? I'm speeding, it's not even my house, not even in shape to be occupied, (I think), and I'm already planning to start a business to host small weddings. But I'm thoroughly enchanted by the idea.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Victorian Beauties

I really wish these beautiful homes weren't converted to multiple dwellings.

This last one is my favorite. I wonder what she looked like inside before all of the reconstruction. She probably had the most beautiful interior...

Night To Remember

That was what I refer to the day (night) I made one of the best decisions of my life, marrying my Treasure. While listening to Oldies but Goodies on YouTube, I came across this:

"A Night To Remember" by Shalamar. My Mom used to play this song allllllllll the time when I was a little girl. She used to do the "Hustle" with me to it. It would make me giggle to no end, dancing with my Mom. Never, until I got much older did I actually listen to the words... My Mom must've been in love because this song makes me feel lovin'.

I'm gonna put this song on when I get home and do the hustle with my Hubby. The dance.. well maybe.. *wink*

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Poolside Posh

Even though we don't have a house yet, it hasn't stopped me from virtually decorating it. Now my focus is on the backyard. I'm sure our new back yard will have a park like setting and lend itself to possibly expanding the house to have an outdoor room and hopefully an in ground pool.

forgot where I got this image..sorry

Lofty aspirations right? I like to dream big!

So for lounging around this fabulous pool, we need some fabulous seating..

Oh, how I LOVE this round, two person lounger. It's so much more chic and MTV Cribs, than the typical plastic lounger. It's perfect seating for me and my honey.

I adore the neutral color and can be adorned with color coordinating pillows to match the rest of the outdoor room decor. The best part though, is that you can adjust either end.

I figure maybe having 2 or 3 of these would be good, especially when hosting my sisters or my girlfriends.. which are really one in the same.

Margaritas anyone?

And can you believe this bit of fabulous is from Walmart? For only $198.00?!?! In my preliminary research for garden furniture, this is a STEAL!

Since I'm the consummate planner, I even already have my first pool side soiree outfit planned.

Super cute tunic cover-up, right? I like to be an appropriately attired hostess. teeheee

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Newest Family Member

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and I truly surprised him with a fur baby.

He is a Yorkie and full of spunk! Of course, my Treasure had the liberty of naming the puppy.. guess what it was? Optimus Prime! After we shared a tearful laugh over that... we felt that Chompers better suit him.

Gotta go, the new lil master of the house beckons.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Can you smize? That is, smile with your eyes?

I think Alfie has it down pat!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love Her!

Seriously, I love her. She is beautiful...

photo courtesy of US Magazine

She is an absolute STUNNER! I've posted this photo on my bathroom mirror, to provide physical inspiration *where's that gym membership card??* and haircut.

When I shed these heavy clothes and coats at Springtime, I want to reveal a heavenly body and haute haircut.

Closet Freak

This closet has left me in an absolute AWE. I could live in this closet. I MUST have this closet. OMG, the fireplace in the dressing room... HOT!! Pun intended.

photos courtesy of Life + Style

This shoe salon and dressing room was lovingly and fashionably designed by Eddie Ammonds of Jackson Charles Design Studio. The concept was modeled after Neiman Marcus. Love and Love!

*note to self - new house MUST have at least 4 bedrooms - one designated for my very own Neiman-esque closet*

Lush Living

While at the newsstand yesterday, I did a quick scan of the home decor section of magazines and quickly zeroed in on what has now become my living room inspiration.

photo courtesy of Good Bones, Great Pieces
click to enlarge

I swoon!

The gray color scheme is so chic, just the right touch of sparkle, the soothing pale yellow curtains, upholstered walls, modern fireplace.. fab settees, oooh the perfection. This residential work of art was created by Kara Mann of Kara Mann Designs. I love how she seamlessly mixes traditional and modern.

I think it's kismet as I bought 2 matching settees, with very similar lines, a month ago for reupholstering.

Now only if I can find a tutorial on refinishing the wood in that "antique-y" look..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From Blah to Brilliant

The Husband and I are looking to buy a home. Yeaaaaa! It's so exciting to me, our first home together. The place where many more memories will take place and fabulous home decor to ensue. Of course, I've taken to blogland to defer to some of the more talented individuals in that area for ideas.. for the home we don't have... yet.

For the most part, during my preliminary online searches I've seen alot of outdated looking homes. Hello?? Does any of these homeowners watch HGTV?? I guess not, because I've seen some hideous kitchens and bathrooms. However, I'm in the least bit discouraged as I know I can turn trash into a treasure, with the help of the trusty 'Net and Home Goods, I mean, Home Depot... well BOTH!

In my perusal for anything home decor fabulous.. I found this inspiring foyer Before and After:

The foyer is the first impression one gets of your home and it should be gorgeous. I just squealed with delight gazing at this fabulous bit of DIY by the crafty Kate of Centsational Girl.

See, most of the foyers of homes I've seen thus far looks EXACTLY like the before picture... nondescript,run of the mill, bland and meh! So, happening upon this post has me excited, should I have to tackle a less than fab foyer.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Afterwhile, Crocodile!

I've been searching for a faux exotic fabric to reupholster these fabulous wingback chairs I've purchased. I have a true affinity for all things exotic skinned (wonderfully faux, in this case) and would love to have chairs that are unique to my home and truly compliments my eclectic decor aesthetic.

So these are the chairs

Great chairs right? But they would be simply smashing with new upholstery and some nail head detail.

Here are the faux finds... I'm torn between a rich chocolate faux croc pattern:

And the grey-silver faux croc fabric, which is so fab!

I plan to order samples of both of these and a bone color as well, just to keep my options open. Good news is that they are all neutrals and I can really work and re-work the space as needed. Swap out throw pillows, curtains and rugs... maybe a few accessories and voila a new room.

Perfectly Precious

I have recently discovered and ever since, have been swooning the genius of Eddie Ross, the decorating and entertaining savant. Seriously, I LOVE HIM!! If you have seen him on Top Design, numerous magazine publications, in person or on his blog, you certainly understand my sentiment. He is fabulous!

Now, while everything that he touches is sprinkled with diamond dust, this particular post was oh so charming yet striking! It was about the grandeur of the carnation. The carnation?!? Yes, the carnation.

Images courtesy of Eddie Ross

Isn't that perfectly pretty? Looks like a ball of peonies but at a fraction of the price. It's dainty enough for your vanity or perched in a guest bathroom.. Or could be part of the decor for a baby shower, birthday party (think hot pink carnies) or even a wedding.

I think I'm going to give this a whirl for my daughter's Parisian themed birthday brunch.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's Old Is New Again

I'm clearly in a nesting stage as all I can think of is home decor. Everywhere I look, I find something I love and want to add or replace an item in our home. Oh and I'm totally on this new organizational kick. EVERYTHING must have a place, clutter makes me nuts. But that's another post.

Anywhoo.. right now, I'm looking for new living room furniture and while I have my eyes on some fab finds from Neiman Marcus, my wallet has other plans. No worries, I just have to be a little more resourceful and it's a great thing because I have come across some AMAZING bloggers working the "look for less".. actually a "totally new look for less".

Take a look...

From fellow blogger, MadebyGirl



Amazingly, knocking my socks off!

Next up is Nuestra Vida Dulce



I DIE!!!

And last but not least, Get It Girl Style:



Just... WOW!!

I'm now on the hunt for wing back chair bargains, sourced from possibly Craigslist or thrift shops. Here's my inspiration:

Sunflower Zebra Chair

I just love the citrusy hue, makes me happy just looking at it. And the zebra stripes gives it just enough "grrrrr"!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tougher Than Leather

That's how I'm gonna look in my new leather skinny pants! I've been searching high and low for a pair that is fiercely fab and budget friendly. I was just going to bite the bullet, visit Vicky's and get these:

Victoria's Secret Leather Skinny Legging

Really cute and love the skinny style and they STRETCH, which is always a bonus. Hmmm... with the price point still being over $200.00, on sale, I just couldn't do it.

Then I got a daily email from one of my favorite shopping haunts, ASOS and there they were:

ASOS Premium Leather Trousers

These are soooo cute and they are on sale for $118.00. Score!