Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year's everyone!!! This year has been a blast and I'm so looking forward to what 2011 brings.

I hope that 2011 brings you and your loved ones...


I thank each and every person that have stopped by my little slice o' life. Whether you were a first and only one time visitor or a frequent observer of my musings, I appreciate it. I'm planning bigger and better things for next year, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DIY Interior Design *with the help of your fav designer*

I think I may forgo my beloved Zagliani bag and instead enlist the help of a interior designer, to help me with my house instead.

First up, Windsor Smith. I absolutely LOVE her work and her "Room In A Box" DIY decor option is of serious consideration. She can and has designed many a FIERCE, livable room and I love fierce yet livable.

Next up is Decor Demon:

What can I say that hasn't already been said about Brian? He's just a GENIUS! Aside from his stellar, out of the box designs, I love that he's all about the thrift and making a dollar outta fifteen cents. He's not above a good dumpster dive and as long as I have on gloves and boots, neither am I.

He repurposes and remixes like nobody's business. He also knows when to inject a little high end to bring a design to a cresendo. Bravo!

Brian, doesn't have a "room in a box" offering per se.. but he did give me a good quote via email and says that the price goes down significantly when other rooms are added. I like that.

Another DIY Designer dynamo: Betsy Burnham

Betsy is the brainchild behind Instant Space.

This mood board sample looks like it will be a blueprint for an effortless room.

Lastly, I'm considering Found Market:

They do "pretty" so well! Every installation I've seen, I just sigh and say, "That's so pretty."  Looking at their designs relaxes me.  Who doesn't want to come home to a relaxing sanctuary? I love that they also repurpose and remixes their client's furnishings.

Decisions, decisions. Who's a girl to choose?

 I have SO many things that I love but need help with scale, texture, color and placement. I need someone to edit my thoughts and ideas into a cohesive and fabulous design, while implementing my flava and incorporating pieces I have that I love.

See, I tend to think in sweeping views and don't want to end up with a room that's overrun with too much fabulous and looks like a upscale horders paradise. Which can easily happen and I admit that I need help.

Who would you choose?

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Christmas Gifts

I must've been a very good girl.. OR it could have been the multitude of photos posted on the bathroom mirrors and the fridge and the dash of my car.  Teeeheeeee

L.A.M.B Nancy Leather Mix Dress

The fit on me is more like how it looks on Kim.

LOVE THESE!! I pranced around the house all Christmas day in these. I was hot stuff!

It really pays to blog about things you love. My bestie saw this on my blog and knew I wanted it.

Blingy Salt and Pepper shakers. My daughter knows me so well!

Castello del Poggio Moscato d'Asti. This wine is so DELICIOUS. It's sweet but not too much, light and effervecent. It's a great Demi-Sec substitute, in my opinion. I tried it at the Olive Garden and couldn't stop raving about it. So my sister bought it and I'm just itching to open it. It's $26.00 at Olive Garden but you can get it here for less.

This was a housewarming/Christmas gift from one of my friends. LOVE!

Last but not least is the gift I plan to buy for myself:

Zagliani Phython Puffy Satchel. I have really tried to move on from this bag but I just can't get it out of my mind. I need this bag in my life. So I will treat myself.. even if it means I can't buy myself anything for the next 6 months. Merry Christmas to me!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I can't believe it's Christmas. The year has BLOWN by.. in a mostly wonderful way. I want to give a heart felt Thank You to my fabulous readers and thank you for taking the time to visit my little slice 'o life.

I hope this holiday season is fulled with wonder, excitement, love, peace, good health and lots of presents!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Santa Chompers!

The first and last good pic in his Santa suit. He doesn't like paparazzi.

This is his "Please stop, Mom" face.

First trip to new house.
He is surveying the backyard for treat burying and bug hunting.
His first time at his new house and he's already in protection mode.

Latest Craigslist Find and Kitchen Pics

Received an update from the contractor and things are moving along nicely. Good news is we have new heating system, bad news, we had to get rid of all of those antique, beautiful radiators. We also have new electric throughout the house, bye bye knob and tube wiring.

I remembered that I hadn't share photos of the kitchen. This is how it looks currently..

Taken from Butler's Pantry Area view

This wall is along the mud room/back door entrance

This is the left side of the previous photo. Two windows flank the sink but I really wish there was a window above the sink.

The range on the far side of the room

Used to be a painted tin ceiling but had to drop the ceiling to run new plumbing and electric.

The beginning of drywalled ceiling and lights.
I'm a tad bit bummed that we can't redo the kitchen at this time. But we can certainly live with it. It has Soapstone counters, all wood cabinets, some kind of tile flooring. A fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and walls and we're in temporary business.

The new heating and electric was quite extensive (so it sucked up the kitchen money) but it was well worth it and the most important elements for this 100 year old house. The kitchen will stay for now... we plan to do the kitchen over next year.

This is the inspiration:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Please excuse the pics, I took them with my camera because I couldn't find the images online. But isn't it FAB!!  It's an L-shape design, just like our kitchen and the design is PERFECTION!! Everything I want and more.

Here's is my latest Craigslist find. Two decorator designed chairs. They're over-sized and really cool, meshing Modern with Traditional.

A STEAL at $25.00 per chair. I think the wood needs to be stained a darker color but other than that, they are beautiful and only needs a toss pillow or two.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cute Last Minute Gifts

I'm a notorious procrastinator. I have admitted it.. that's the first step to recovery. Every year, without fail, I wait until the absolute last minute to do my Christmas shopping. It's terrible, I know. Having to rush to the mall and fight with the other procrastinators and buying things you really don't wanna buy but have to because you waited to the 12th hour. *sigh* I must stop doing this to myself.

However, my saving grace is the interwebs. I scan for cute things, within budget and high tail it to said the store and pray they still have it. Great idea, right? LOL I know it's not but humor me. Sometimes I call the store and ask if they have the items that I'm looking for, if they do I BEG and PLEAD for them to hold it for me and assure them that I'm around the corner from the store to pick it up. Works most of the time.

So here are a few items that I have to make a mad dash for today.

First up, Kohl's for the friend that's moving into a new place:

ELLE DECOR Marble Accent Table $37.00

ELLE DECOR Horn Bowl $27.99

  Then, I have to circle back to Macy's for sister.. desperately needs new pots:

Tools of the Trade Basics Classic 12 Piece Cookware Set  $34.00

After that, it's to the mall to visit Coach:

Madison Dotted Op Art Wristlet $48.00
While at mall, stop at JC Penney's, for the other diva girlfriends:

Chris Madden Faux Fur Throw in Black  $19.99

Then have Hubby stop at Target:

Metal Table  $69.99 (This is for ME)

Still have a few others on the list to buy for but I think those will be gift cards. Who doesn't love a gift card?

Hope you didn't wait 'til the last minute for your Christmas shopping.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fab Find

I'm totally loving the idea of the Alberta Ferretti Bead-Embellished Tulle Top.

Alberta Ferretti

This glam bling-y tulle top is to be worn under a strapless gown. I would imagine a gown that's a little subdued since all the drama is up top.. on this top.

This would be spectacular as bridal fashion, especially for the fashionista bride that wants to be un-bridal-y.

If I could make one change, it would be to make it a bodysuit, so that it stays put.

Beholdin' Golden

I'm usually draw to silvery metallics, for self and home adornment. However, as of late, been totally loving all things golden.

May have to treat myself to this cute Nate Berkus Ikat bowl.

Wish this lamp was bigger but it's a really cute design.

So fab, I had to post twice. I WANT for Christmas!!

I wonder if I have the courage to wear a dress this short?