Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fabulous Fretwork

Having a house that is 100+ years old presents it's challenges. Today, I'm tackling the lack of closet space, namely for my daughter's room.

While her room is spacious and gets great light, her closet is seriously lacking space. Like, how did the women of that era put their big, poufy Victorian dresses in these teeny, tiny closets??

So, I've been researching solutions for this issue.

Double wardrobes may just do the trick!

Not only are they functional, they provide a decorative element as well.  Now, if only I can sell her on the idea.


Halle Berry can do no wrong in my eyes. Her body, her haircut, that DRESS...all so fierce! 
  Every time I want to indulge in my favorite Oreo cookies or chow down on some pasta, I look at her pic posted on the refrigerator. It curbs a craving like nobody's business.

I know that Halle does Pilates as well as watches her diet because of her Diabetes. I've done Pilates Mat in the past and loved it's low impact but high results workout. But I've kicked it up a notch with a few semi  private Reformer Pilates classes. I'm STILL sore.

Those semi private classes are wee bit expensive so I sought out to find something more budget friendly. And I found the AeroPilates 5 Corded Machine with Rebounder.

Can't wait to get it home and try it out. My instructor said she would stop by and give a couple hours of instruction for half price, just so I can be familiar with the new machine and be well on my way to Halle-ness. Yay!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Painting SUCKS!!!

I've decided to paint the house everyday until it is finished.. well actually I may have to rest one day. But my goal is to paint, so we can get the damn thing finished already. As much as we'd like to hire painters to finish the job, 7k just isn't in the budget. I can do so many other things in the house with that money, namely buy furniture.

But painting surely sucks! MAJORLY. Everything is hurting me right now.. My knees, my wrists, my butt, my eyes, my eyelashes.. everything!!

Maybe I shouldn't have tried to go 9 hours but I get so frustrated when things aren't done.. so I just painted and painted and painted. And cursed myself for wanting a house with "architectural detail and character". PUH!!!

I'm sure I will be over the moon once everything is done and will love the massive amount of molding but for now, UGHHHHHHH!!!!!

I'm pooped.

All I know, is when I paint the kitchen, I'm using a paint sprayer!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Run The World

It's no secret that I LOVE BEYONCE!! I have been listening to her new single, "Run The World (Girls)", almost non-stop. I just can't get that chorus out of my head.

It's my new go-to song for the final push of my run.. no pun intended.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doors Noir

I haven't posted any updates about the house because, well... not much has been going on. The only thing we've been working on is painting the trim because when the house was painted, the trim was not. And there's ALOT of trim. Just to give you an idea of how much.. we've gotten quotes of 7k, just to paint the freakin' trim.

Needless to say, we've been trying to tackle the task. It's been slow going because neither of us have tons of time to dedicate to it. It's a little frustrating but it will get done.

In addition to the trim, I've decided I want the doors painted black. At first, we agreed on just the front door and I just love the chicness of the look...glossy and black:

These doors are so fierce and the brass hardware in the center, just sings! 

Now, I'm considering replacing all the doors in the house and painting those black as well. It will certainly pop against the all white walls.

These are the doors I'm considering:

And they will look like this after applying some glossy, oil based paint goodness:

So pretty!
These are fab too:

I love these rustic doors, the texture is awesome and the black makes it modern.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Runnin' Like Rocky

Well, not really but that's the visual I give myself when tackling my running goals.

Today, I set a goal of running for a mile and I DID IT!! However, there were no arms up in triumph, it was more like gasping for air like a 20 year smoker with asthma. But I did it, burning lungs and all.

I'm finding that this running thing is a test psychologically as well as physically. I find that I really have to psych myself up to get through it.

At times, I'm shouting, "DON'T STOP!!" when I feel I can't go anymore. Like seriously, who does that? I must look/sound like a crazy person.

Tomorrow, I will try my hand at running on sand, if it doesn't rain.

I know my legs hate me already.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving!

Wood floors!! But not just any wood floors.... THESE WOOD FLOORS!!

The "Sextant" wood floor tiles in Walnut. I would love to have these in my kitchen. Wood floor tiles... LOVING THEM!!  

Bimmer Babe

I finally bit the bullet and traded in my car and finally got my convertible. Yay!

These are not photos of my car but it's just like this one in the last photo. I haven't been able to take pics because of the almost constant rain.

I do miss my CLK, the ride was so smooth but this is a "driver's" car and I wanted to give a more powerful car a go. It's so nimble and handles curves like it's on rails. (remember that line from "Pretty Woman"?)

I like how the driver seat is perfect for driving. It supports my lower back and I don't have that fatigue that I used to have with the other car.

It has a push button start!! That is so freakin' cool!

And well, the self retracting convertible top, is the icing on the cake. Come on sunny days!

Feeling Soggy But It's Ok

Yesterday, I got caught in the most torrential rain. I was soaked from head to toe..squishy shoes and all. I was so mad and irritated... at first.

I had a LONG walk to my car and as the rain continued to pelt me, all I could do was listen to the rhythm of the rain. It was calming.

Then, I focused on how the rain was cleansing the sidewalks and how the air now smelled fresh.

It was making people more polite.. Strangers were talking, even if was just about the rain. I heard alot more "Excuse Mes" and people being generous with their umbrellas with those without.

After a while, I was happy that it was raining.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What I'm Loving!

This morning, I went running. I tried to run a mile but only succeeded in making a half mile. Ugh, so disappointed. I just couldn't catch my breath and my legs felt like wet noodles.

I want to be a runner, so I'm gonna keep at it. But I think I need help. Maybe new sneakers, breathing techniques, maybe my gait is wrong, making me tired too fast.. I don't know.

Any runners out there have any advice?

Although, I didn't make the mile mark running, I did finish a mile by running and walking. Then, I added dips and pushups before leaving the track. I felt good about my routine today. Making lemonade with lemons right?

I'm loving the transformation in my body and well being. I feel more energized, albeit sore. Stronger, more resilient, alert and confident. I feel pretty. So I will partake in a "Goddess Salad" today.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Feelin' Fancy

I'm winding down to the last 2 days of my cleanse. On the 11th, I will have been on it for 30 days. While, it was a test of my will and commitment, I'm almost done and so happy for so many reasons. I've lost all the weight I wanted to lose and my body looks awesome, to me.

I had always been slim all my life and now that I'm back to a body that's familiar to me and it makes me feel sexy, beautiful and elated.

For the past two weeks, I had implemented a kettlebell workout in addition to my daily two or three mile walks.

This has been quite effective and easy. I alternate between 5, 10 or 15lb kettlebells, depending on the particular exercise. It has even piqued my husband's attention. Maybe we can do it together, him with heavier weights, of course.

Now, I can rock, confidently, my favorite Mother's Day gift:

I LOVE this bathing suit and I CANNOT wait to wear it.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing you the gift of time with your loved ones, beautiful flowers and breakfast in bed.

Flying Through The Sky

On my Mother's Day, I will be sitting riveted at the majesty and artistry of the Alvin Ailey American Dancer Theatre.

I can't wait. I've been wanting to see this dance company forever. I will savor the moment. And wish I was a dancer.. or at least had a dancer's body.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Taking a "Me" Day

I'm taking a "Me" day today. It's well over due and much needed. Today I will be..

Doing this:

And buying this:

Needed a cute nude summer sandal

Something to wear to my daughter's high school graduation *sniffle*

Classic navy and white tunic. Can't believe I've lived this long without one. Perfect to wear anytime.. with white shorts, skinny pants, over a swimsuit.. love it!
Will round the day out nicely by seeing this:

What are you doing today?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rustic Glam Asian

I know I'm driving my wonderful husband batty with the constant changing of my mind on the dining room table. We currently have 3 dining room tables... in our apartment... because I keep buying tables... and find that they aren't exactly what I want. Crazy, I know.

I want the dining room to be rustic, glam with a touch of Chinoserie. The bane of my existence has obviously been the dining room table. I think I have finally found THE ONE!!!
*click on photo*  I adore this table. I think what sells me are the legs. They look like bamboo! A perfect little detail that really ties into my dream dining room.
I want a table that looks good and don't have to worry about damaging it. I want to be able to host big dinners as well as have rousing games of Monopoly. To stand up to crafts with my nieces and nephews and be chic enough for hosting my girlfriends for a Ladies Night In.

This table seems to fit the bill. In addition to those fab bamboo looking legs...another feature is that the ends of the table extends beyond the legs. To me, this is very important because the last thing you want when dining is banging your knees on the table legs. Hate that.

Things I'm Loving

I'm pretty much done with virtually decorating the living room. I have my sofa, settee, buffet/console and piano. I still need a rug, I think it will be a cowhide. But that's subject to change. Also need lamps, art, throw pillows, drapes.. etc, etc..

This post addresses the cocktail table. I've seen a few that I really love. Wanna see?

This is so fab! Brass with LEATHER. So COOL!

Another brass beauty. I think I have a thing for a tiered cocktail table.

This one is beautiful too. The only circular one of the bunch, I like the softness of it.