Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Our favorite Project Runway-er is....wait for it... wait for it... DESIGNING BRIDAL GOWNS!!!

Christian V. Siriano

It's heavenly!! I can't wait to see more of his fierce fabulousness.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I Think We Have A Winner!!

Aren't they adorable?? I want my flower girls to look just as adorable.

The flower girl dresses posted below are from here.

They have awesome pricing and can probably order a particular color in a dress, if it's not shown on the website. For instance, the green dress was not available in white on the website. I gave them a ring, one minute later, I got "Yes, we can make it available, just call us directly and ask for John." Perfect!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

And The Oscar Goes To...

Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie for the most fabulous dress.

She absolutely dazzles in Dior. The addition of the belt and the fab hair and makeup... ohhh I just love it all!

I think it would also make a stunning wedding gown.

Its Not A Drag

I'm a huge fan of drag queens. Not only because of their lovable and hugely over the top personalities but the artistry of the "Drag".

The way some Queens paint their face rivals any top makeup artists'. The use of light and shadow leaves me in awe.

He is so fabulous!!

And the grand finale!

Isn't he gorgeous!!!

The techniques exhibited are applicable to any woman, we just don't require such a heavy hand. Using just one trick of the trade - highlighting under the eyes and out towards the temples coupled with the shading in the hollow of the cheek, will give you instant supermodel cheekbones. Just remember the golden rule, blend, blend, blend.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flowergirl Fancy

I'm currently on a quest for the modern flowergirl dress. I've selected colored dresses to share as the white ones were a little difficult on the eyes. Check out my fab finds!

The last two are serious contenders. I think they will be so adorable in white.
This is proving to pan out much better than the everlasting search for the BM dresses. And the best part is all of these dresses for the little missys are below $40.00!!!

I want the FG girls to wear cute dresses that are short as the wedding is in August and will probably be the hottest day of the summer. So why should they suffer along with me in my gown? Nope cute fun dresses for them. I will hardly be able to get them out the mirror, I'm sure.

I'm thinking that the bottom green dress, in white...would be good for the little ones.. 4 years old. And the 3rd one, in white...for the older girls, 11 and 12 respectively. They were adamant about not wearing the same dress as the "babies".

Haute Flower Girls

I was chatting with my sisters about the wedding, more specifically their daughters, my nieces, ensemb for the wedding. I was sharing that I didn't want them to wear these gigantic dress with the customary bow in the back. Although very cute.. just not for me. I want the lil' ones to wear something stylish... I have yet to find a FG dress I like but fast forward to the accessories!

I told my sisters I want the girls to wear kinda oversized flowers in their hair. Yeah, that didn't bode well.. but I kept pressing my point. *blank stare from the sisters*

I was so frustrated because I didn't have a photo to show them but thanks to Elizabeth Anne Designs and her blogging super prowess, I found photos of flowergirls with haute flowers in their hair...

photos courtesy of www.angela-photo.com via EAD

That little one, in the photo above, is destine for Teen Vogue, she's already perfected the "coy, chin over the shoulder" pose. Adorable!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Frothy Goodness

The total fashionista and conventions breaker in me wants to wear this Temperley gown for the wedding.. with high strappy sandals and all!

And if, for some reason, we decided to scrap the wedding for a more intimate, recession savvy nuptials, it would be in this simple yet sassy stunner by Marchesa.

I just LOVE Marchesa and that Georgina Chapman can teach a class on DIVA 101!! Love her!

I would couple this "wedding at the courthouse" look with these:

The fabulous "Corsage" sandal by Alexander McQueen. If I had these shoes, I would wear them EVERYWHERE and ALL the time! Yes, even to the gym, yoga pants rolled up to my knees and all. How else would everyone get a glimpse while I'm doing my downward facing dog?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bridal Style

When I saw this bride on Snippet and Ink's blog, I instantly loved her! Her wedding day look is so perfectly edited!

Her hair is adorable and absolutely fitting to the style and feel of the wedding. That headpiece is to die for!! It's flapper meets couture.

The bride's gown is by Nicole Miller. It is STUNNING!!

photos courtesy of www.dariabishop.com

The back of the gown... the pièce de ré·sis·tance!

I wish I could see every photo taken at the wedding and the video! I felt like I was transported to a different era.. Loves it!

Sunny Dressing

While thumbing through the March issue of InStyle, I happened upon this delightfully sunny hued, "I'm ready for Spring" dress:

Whaaaaat, I couldn't believe my eyes.. this very cute, dare I say chic, on trend dress is from CHADWICK'S?!?! It has delicate ruffles, made of airy chiffon and cinches the waist with a thin patent belt. What's not to love?

I could totally see that dress offering at J. Crew or even Banana Republic... would I be pushing it by including Club Monaco?

Although it would need to be hemmed as there's nothing more awful than a dress that doesn't show your knees, I think it's kinda fab.

Monday, February 16, 2009

What Great News

My company has won WeddingWire's, "Bride's Choice Award". Yeaaaaa!

The award recognizes the top three percent of the Wedding Wire network for demonstrating excellent quality of service, responsiveness, value of cost and level of expertise in the wedding industry.

This news has put a feather in my cap. =D

2009 Bride's Choice Awards presented by WeddingWire | Wedding Cakes, Wedding Venues, Wedding Photographers & More

It's Magic

While perusing the 'Net, I came across this curious hair product. It's called Magic Touch Powder Wax. This product is for thin and sparse hair. It is supposed to thicken and give volume to the hair without weighing it down. I watched the video and I swear I didn't see anything being applied to the hair but magically, it grew.. and grew.. to a fabulous head of rockin' full hair. See for yourself. You have to really pay attention because the sound is kinda low...

If this product works as demonstrated in this video, I'm so getting it!! I'm filled with glee just thinking how much time it will save me when doing photoshoots or clients' hair. I'm too excited!!

Champagne Wishes!

Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with pink champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and a very memorable Valentine's nightcap. *wink*

This year, due to planning the wedding of the year...in my mind, teeeheeee, I wasn't really expecting anything for this Valentine's Day. Nope, there would be no additions to my budding Loubou collection. The horror, especially since the torture of seeing these beauts!

The Mirrored Loubous courtesy of www.captivateme.wordpress.com

I just may have to treat myself to them though, in the Silver!

Unfortunately, those lovely shoes are not to be had as a V-Day gift but my Treasure provided something, dare I say, even MORE fabulous!?!? A mini vacay, all by myself...to revitalize. My eyes are still misty for the sweet and thoughtful gift.

As we clinked glasses to toast our love, he presented me with an envelope and said "here's your gift". What did my fluttery, lash extended eyes behold?? A plane ticket and a print out of a hotel reservation. He continued to say that he knows that with school, the business and planning, that I haven't been taking care of me and wanted to give me a few days of rest and relaxation. He's the BEST future husband in the whole wide world and I just love him to pieces!!

So from March 13-17th I will be at the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa:

This place is gorgeous..it just takes my breath away. It's a brand new resort and spa that opened in July of 2008. I love that it's an all inclusive property, so I won't have to take that much spending money. That gives me total piece of mind...but what cuteness to pack provides a whole other set of delightful problems that I'm all too happy to have!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Barbados..Well Kinda

One of my favorite haunts is hosting a fab event, Barbados Bridal Suite. In addition to indulging in sips and dips... they are offering 15% off any purchase made that night. New shoes anyone?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fab Finds!

Hey Ladies! I have a new, well two new fab finds for your makeup bags. First up, you know how we all just love gel eyeliners... smooth application and smudgeproof goodness, right? Well sometimes it's not always the most ideal when traveling or reapplication or upgrading from a day look to a night look on the go. Lo and behold W7's gel liner in a PENCIL!! *cue the choir*

I love the definition, the rich color and "drag-less" application, just like our beloved potted gel liner, just more convenient. Gotta LOVE that! And for about $2.00 each, I love it even more!

The other fab find is an item that's going in my bridal kit. It's a truly long lasting, almost "tattooed" on eyeliner that's seriously not going anywhere 'til you take it off. And get this...no need for heavy duty makeup remover, this comes off with just warm water. This popular K-Palatte liquid eyeliner has already sold over one BILLION units in Japan and Singapore and I just added two more to that number. teee heeee

It's a little pricy at $30.00 a pop but it'll be totally worth it for those that can't get eyeliner to stay for the life of them.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shady Business

Ok, so I'm totally entrenched in all things wedding decor. I feel like I'm under the gun and need tangibles to put my mind at ease. For instance I really need to order that Pucci-esque fabric. At least get a sample so I, along with my event designer can tweak colors and sizing of the pattern, if needed. It's on my ever growing "to-do" list.

Next up is chandelier dressing. What is "chandelier dressing" you may ask? Well, it's placing a pretty, more coordinated drum over existing chandelier in a venue space that may not exactly go with your decor or overall look of your wedding. Here's some visuals:

photo- www.apartmenttherapy.com

photo- www.weddingsstylemagazine.com

Stunning, right? I love that it transforms the look in a subtle yet striking way. It doesn't exactly make the chandelier disappear but I think it can transform the look of a room without being too intrusive. For instance in the photo with the huge chandelier from Grace Ormond's Wedding Style Magazine, the traditional, glitzy chandelier was toned down in a very sultry fashion by adding the black sheer drum. I think it changes the whole look of the space. It's more youthful and fabulous!

The other photo is from a restaurant called "Sepia" in Chicago. Same thing here...sultry and fabulous.

I plan to suggest this option to my designer because while I love the funky wrought iron chandies at Liberty House, they don't exactly "go".

Oh and speaking of Pucci-esque fabric, I've been thinking of ways to incorporate it more as we have a much bigger space to work with and decorate. I found these great ideas from my fav fab planner, Colin Cowie. I just heart him to pieces!

photo- www.bridesinthecity.typepad.com

photo- www.planaganza.com

The first photo depicts my old idea of having the patterned pillows incorporated into the lounge. We had a smaller space to work with and I didn't want to overwhelm the senses with the pattern in too many places.

But now, with the HUGE space we have, including the wrap around terrace that can totally accommodate a fabulous lounge, I can do something more like the second photo.. one banquet swathed in Pucci-esqueness! I love that idea.. especially outside in a big space. It'll be perfect seating for enjoying the marvelous view of the passing yachts and NY skyline. Oooh I can't wait to see everything together.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stop By And Say Hi!!

My company, RCBB Signature Services, will be participating in the 2009 New York Weddings Event. The excitement will take place on April 1 at the Metropolitan Pavillion.

In addition to mingling with all the wedding industry's elite, Colin Cowie, Sylvia Weinstock, Preston Bailey and other maestros of the fabulous, we'll have the pleasure of meeting the areas brides to be. We will host airbrush makeup demonstrations and have a drawing for 3 pairs of MINK LASHES, one drawing each hour of the event.

I'm so looking forward to it. I LOVE meeting new people so stop on by and say Hi!!

I'm off to find something to wear!

Happy Days!

Our last episode was a doozy! Canceled venues and all the drama that comes with frantically racing to find another venue. Whew! Glad THAT'S over.

Introducing our new venue, The Liberty House Resturant.

This place is FABULOUS!! How could I have missed this gem on the water? It has an enviable view of the New York Skyline, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. What I love the most is that it's a modern space. It has 30 foot ceilings and walls of glass, which open up to a wrap around terrace, large enough for guests to enjoy cocktails. The decor is elegantly minimal, donning hardwood floors with a slate border to it's exposed beam ceiling and funky wrought iron chandliers. I have a totally clean space to work with but it still has a charm all of it's on without decorating.

There's also a garden where a ceremony can be held and the tented pavillion, which can host the cocktail hour. This place has so much space that it can handle any imagined configuration for a truly unique event.

I'm really thrilled with the new space. The best part the event manager Danielle, gave us an even better price per person than the last venue, with more perks! Wooo Hooo!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Usually I like to keep my blog lively and upbeat...no sad news here...it's my happy place. And I wrestled with the thought of posting this but it is my wedding blog and it does have to do with the wedding so here we go...

Today I received a call from the catering manager from our reception location. She started with, "I have bad news..." My immediate thought was maybe she was leaving the company and someone else was going to be taking over my account. Ummmm no such luck... she told me that due to the economy, they was closing their doors effective immediately. *gasp*

She went on to tell me that I would be refunded my deposit... At this time, I'm hearing white noise in my ears.. what did she say? I can't hear...the white noise.. I feel warm tears beginning to stream down my face...I can't speak...she's talking.. I can't speak.. the massive lump in my throat is holding my voice hostage... more tears coming... faster and bigger.. I still can't hear...

Then finally I'm able to eek out..."I'm so sorry...you won't have a job... I'm so sorry." She tries to be strong but I can hear her crying too. I feel so awful. She then gave me her cell phone number and tells me that I can call her anytime if I need help with anything.

I hang up. Then I start to wail.. it was like there was a death. It was really strange...who was this woman crying like this? I'm usually a very go with the flow type of person and very solution oriented...who was this? I couldn't control it... there was heaving and everything! Who WAS this??

My bestie said that it was my release valve...all the pressure with life, business, family and wedding planning. That it was needed. Maybe... perhaps she's right.

The weird thing was I don't think I was nearly as upset about the closing as I was about this really nice lady and all the great people I had JUST met at my tasting last week, had lost their jobs.

The economy really sucks.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Where Do I Sit?

I have to admit that the wedding planning process can be a challenge for someone like me. I tend to think in sweeping views... I'm a big picture, sort of gal. However, luxury is in the details and that's not quite my strong suit. It's a good thing that I have great vendors, those consummate professionals that can plug in the holes I will undoubtedly leave neglected.

I'm constantly, as of late, racking my brain to plug in the holes. Tracking down those subtle nuances that speaks to us as a couple that uniquely ties into our wedding decor. Those little things that may or may not go unnoticed by our beloved guests but will be standouts in my mind and probably one more thing to add to my "I'm not gonna be stressed on my wedding day" stress.

Case and point... where will my guests sit? On chairs of course, that I had totally forgotten to order but will be placing an order for tomorrow. teeeheee But how will my guests know where to sit? This may be a detail that should have been impossible to overlook and while I can't say I totally overlooked it... I really didn't want to deal with the angst it would give me. My plan was to let everyone sit where and with whom they wanted. WRONG!! My wedding planner wasn't having that.

So I have to decide if we're going to have placecards or a seating chart. I'm leaning towards the latter.

photo www.wedlog.zzilch.com

Actually what I'd rather have is a greeter during the cocktail hour greet every guest and once given their name, present them with an orchid with a tag with their table number. The other side of the tag would be blank and they could write a wedding well wish or advice to the happy couple. My planner didn't like that idea too much either. I thought it was cute.

Oh so back to the seating chart. I like that idea way better than placecards because it's a cleaner look and doesn't seem as tedious.