Friday, May 30, 2008

Tickled Pink

Wouldn't this make a delightful bridesmaids dress? I love the ombre, from the soft, petal pink to the attention grabber hot pink. It would be prefect for my soiree as our colors will be black and white accented with shades of pink. I love it!

This fabulous number is by David Meister.

Here's another cute dress:

This one is by Nicole Bakti.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This entry was going to be something about having the blues but, no dice. I'm more of a "have lemons, make lemonade" type of chica. Case in point, when I got an email back from my BFF photographer, Michael Cook. I was so stoked!! But that quickly faded as I read his $15,000.00 photography rate PLUS his $5,000.00 travel fee. Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting a few thousand bucks.. but maybe 10k at the most. So for a hot second, I looked like this:

I quickly got over that, poured me a glass of wine and let my fingers do the surfin'. My steely determination uncovered, Sallee Photography!!!

Isn't that the best shoe shot ever!!! I love that it's not the obligatory shot.

Are you swooning?? I know I am...have been since I found her. I'm totally in love and in lust with her work. Actually it's a husband and wife team.. they are so cute...and they make magic together.

The best part.. they are a fraction of my ex bff's rate. Yes, that relationship lasted about as long as a Hollywood minute.

I'm so BEYOND thrilled!!! Now just have to find out if they are available for our wedding date.

Fun Times!

Every chance I get, I like to do something new. Whether it's hot air ballooning, a boxing match, visiting a vineyard or taking a cooking class, I like to mix it up. And this weekend will be no exception. I'll be going to a polo match.

It's the The Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic. I'm looking so forward to watching the match and sipping some Veuve...what a way to spend the afternoon.

Wanna go? It'll be at Governors Island on Saturday - starts at 3pm. The game is free and open to the public.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Stop The Press!!

If you love long, lush, feathery lashes, sans falsies, then you must add Lancome's Hypnose Custom Volume mascara to your makeup arsenal. I use it religiously for myself and my brides. Even the puny-est lashes come to life with this miracle on a wand. Well actually, I coat the lashes top and bottom, two swipes each from the root to tip, then I follow with my Maybelline Great Lash in the waterproof formula to seal the deal. Works wonders! That's a lil' tip to add to your repetoire. Remember great technique and great product, go hand in hand.

Ok back to Hypnose..

20% OFF PLUS FREE SHIPPING?!?!? Need I say more?


This is another P.S. I Love This-ism that can only describe the fabulous photographer that I've just discovered. I couldn't say his work was eye candy.. because it's just too fabulous, too fashionable, too mesmerizing, just too everything.

As I was gazing through the site and admiring the wonderful images that dazzled my eyes, I could only sigh wistfully.. I sighed so much, Treasure thought I was trying to get his attention.

I've never been so captivated. I must have this photographer.. though I have yet to contact him.. his work screams big dollar signs. However, I know the photography is one thing you should really consider carefully and allot monies accordingly, so I may just have to bite the bullet. *did you catch how I'm trying to justify spending obscene amounts of money... this wedding planning.. it's the devil*

I introduce to you my new bff of photography:

I LOVE this photo!

This is the work of Michael Cook of Australia. Michael is one of only a handful of photographers worldwide who works both within fashion & also photographs weddings. Me likey!

Also, in 2007 he won the highest scoring print in the world for a Fashion Wedding Image and two first places at the WPPI, 2nd half awards in California. Impressive!

I love everything about Michael Cook's work. I had been looking for a photographer that not only had a photojournalistic approach but one that had a fashion editorial aesthetic as well as fine art. I feel this formula will give us a well rounded collection of images to capture the essence of our wedding day. I also like the mastery of his play with light and shadows, texture and photography special effects.

Now that I'm officially blown away by his work, let me get prepared to be blown away by his rates. YIKES!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Slice 'O Life

One of my most favorite brides sent me these today..

Doesn't she look wonderfully sunkissed? I did a spray tan for her..looks like the real mccoy if I do say so myself.

She included a note that said, "Thank you for making me a Red Carpet Bridal Beauty."
Wasn't that sweet?!? LOVE HER!!!

It's times like these *sniffle* that makes my life so fabulous. =)

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Brides often ask me what is the best way to take their wedding look from 0 to 60, while keeping a natural look. While "natural" is subjective, my response is always to add lashes. Whether you decide to do a full strip or a few individuals on the outer corners, it's quite impactful in a subtle way.

Usually with a perfected complexion, with the aid of a little foundation, maybe concealer and a few swipes of powder... your new lashes and a little shimmery gloss will do the trick.

Photo: Girlie Girl Army

See how marvelous she looks when all that really changed from her natural look was, the lashes. Now, clearly this isn't the "few individual lashes added to the corners", look, but you get my point. Her eyes look wonderfully glamourous.

This particular look was achieved with eyelash extensions. You, too, can have this doe-eyed look at Tres Belle You located in Brooklyn. Ask for lash diva, Yoshie, and she'll hook you up.

I love it! Booking my appointment.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Jim Dandy

I'm totally lovin' this short frock from Jim Hjelm. For all the ladies looking for a short number for the reception...this is for you!

Isn't it darling? I love the cute factors... the pockets, the candlelight color, the bling at the waist, the bubble hem and the pleating to make your body look oh so perfect. And you know how brides say they wish they could wear the wedding gown again.. well here you go. You can rock it til your heart's content.

You go, Jim!

*photos from*

Monday, May 12, 2008

Isn't this fun!

I just love this cute, flirty dress from Angel Sanchez. It's perfect for the bride that likes to go off the beaten path.

I would take it one step further and cinch it with a skinny belt.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I Adore Dior

Love these! I need to take a trip to Neiman's and try these beauties on and possibly give them a new home in my closet.

Maybe I should get this too:

It's fab and would be nice for the rehersal dinner.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Foodie Favor

Who doesn't love a food favor? Whether a truffle, homemade cookie or even a sampling from the candy buffet. These aren't exactly foods but rather calorie packing goodness but hey it's a wedding.

I had been pondering our favor or even if we will do one. I do have two options that I'm toying with. Instead of an open bar, we will have a "Pink Bar" which will include 3 signature drinks that are... well pink. Cute right? They will be two regular martinis and a one virgin martini. Have a martini flavor suggestion?? I'm all ears!

So I was thinking of having a mini cocktail shaker for the favor with a small nip of Grey Goose inside.

Then I thought of, instead of doing favors, to give our guest late night snack to take with them upon departure and munch on the way home. But what to do...what to do...?? Give them yummy, sweet, gourmet treats!!

The Expresso with Dulce De Leche

The Caramel and Chocolate Homemade Marshmallow

The Rose and Blackpepper Thumbprint Cookies

Cute packaging!

Mini Coconut Five Spice Macaroons

Honey Lavender Shortbread Cookies

That drool and hunger pang you've just felt, is provided by a new bakery, Whimsy & Spice. This husband and wife team, out of Brooklyn, are new and fabulous! They already have a buzz so I need to make my desision quick before the prices go up.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This gown is so STUNNING it deserved it's very own post.

Eva Longoria-Parker wore this showstopper, a Marchesa, at the Costume Institute Gala. I love EVERYTHING about her look.. the makeup and hair is flawless, well edited jewels. The color of that gown.. oooh la la!

I wonder if this gown is available in white from Marchesa Bridal?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fun Times

Are you going? I'm not a DIY kinda gal but it looks like alot of fun. I'll probably go with my sister, the maid of honor. I wonder if they'll show us how to make this

Glam Jewels

I think that I've finally found the gown I'm gonna wear!! I'm so excited... I know I've taken you down this road before but really, this is it! I can't post it yet because Treasure checks me out here from time to time. But I can share my bling-tastic accessories. Since my new beautiful gown has no ornamentation such as embroidery, seed beads, rhinestones or any of that.. I'm adding the necklace I've been drooling over since I found it.


And here's the bracelet:

Excuse the hairy's not mine. I had been looking high and low for a cuff bracelet that I liked. Whew, glad that's over. I may buy two and stack them like my favorite chicks on the Red Carpet.

Still looking for earrings, though. I believe with that necklace, a demure earring maybe even a stud would do.


This bouquet is just knocking my socks off! Might be a tad too much for most but I'm lusting it. Oh the color of the Vanda Orchids...dripping with rhinestones, it just makes a statement. It might be a little big for my petite self..maybe I can have it scaled down to get the baby or the pre-teen version of this hot mama!

Florals by Xquisite Events, FL
Photo- WeddingStyle Magazine

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Soundtrack

I love this song.. it's so beautiful. It features snippets of the stunning and talented, Christina Aguilera's, wedding footage. I think I want this song to be the soundtrack of the "getting ready" portion of the wedding film. What's yours?

The Second Take

Although I have no idea what my wedding gown will be just yet...still leaning towards the Jim Helm, I do however think I've found my reception dress.

It's so ME!! It's from the 2008 Resort Collection by the divine Monique L. It's a pale pink one shoulder cocktail dress with embroidered organza. It just screams "dance the night away with my new husband!"

I'm trying to have Treasure book the honeymoon flight that Wednesday, so we can have a day to let the beginning of our newest journey together, marinate from our Memorial Day soiree. I plan to score this number for the flight.

Another beauty from Monique Lhuillier. It's a silver and red metallic print taffeta shirt dress with exaggerated collar. Too fab!

Gown Of The Day

It has come to my attention that some ladies like the idea of the "Gown of the Day" section of my blog. Prompting a few inquires for more information. So from now on, I will be sure to add the gown designer name to the section. I hope that helps all my lovely bride-to-be girlfriends find that fabulous wedding gown!

Also if you're a gown designer yourself and would like to be featured, feel free to send over your information. I'd be happy to share.

Oh, by the way.. the Gown Of The Day is by Melissa Sweet.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Loves It!

I've already shared my adoration for the birdcage veil.. just wanted to share a couple of new finds. I came across these on Pretty cute, huh?

This one is AWESOME!!!

How I wish I could pull this one off! It's so fabulous!! I wonder what type of wedding gown would really compliment this.. I haven't a clue, but the diva that could pull this off, my hats off to you. hehehehe