Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh Baby!

Seems like everywhere I look, I see babies. Sweet, cherubic, chubby cheeked babies. Alot of my friends are either new mommies or are soon to be new mommies. Can't say that the bug has bit me. Honestly, I'm not interested in the least.. for now anyway. After all, my "baby" will be going off to college next year. Wow, how time flies. *sniffle*

Anyhoo, with all the new expectant moms comes a multitude of baby showers. I've discovered some really cool stuff, none of which was around when I was a new mom. So as I check off gift items of off baby shower registries, I can't help but look for stuff for my "just in case" baby. And the item I would just HAVE TO HAVE is this convertible lifetime bed.

How incredibly fabulous is this crib-bed?!?! I'm all for transitional pieces and this suits my sensibilities wonderfully. This is the Chelsea Lifetime Crib in Antique Silver by PoshTots. It is pricey at $1537.00 but getting use out of it for a good 16 or so years, I think makes it a great purchase.

I leave you with a darling image of utter cuteness,


Totally what our birth announcement would look like. I've saved this photo for inspiration in my "just in case" folder.

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lainey said...

Love that crib-bed!!!