Saturday, March 5, 2011

Unisex Office

I think this is an office that the both the Mr. (Treasure) and Mrs. (Me) could love. Although at first glance it may appear more masculine, it really speaks to my very feminine sensibilities.

I think the black walls are chic and the checkered floor... a stunna!

 You know I LOVE a Croc embossed leather, displayed on the top of the arm chair while a sumptuous velvet adorns the seat.

 I could be perched prettily on that chair for hours, trolling the interwebs, hosting a client meeting, blogging, buying shoes ... the list is never ending.

The zebra throw, is well, a neccesity. What room is ever complete without a little zebra print?

 I also love the traditional look of the desk and I think it works well with the chair and I won't tire easily of either because they were too trendy or of the moment.

I'm also sure my hubby wouldn't be too keen on sitting on a lucite chair. I'll save that for my dressing room.


theLENNOXX said...

Ohh I love this! I agree that at first glance it looks very masculine, but when you look closer you see the little things that the typical girl loves, like a bouquet of flowers and throw pillow. Also, I LOVE the zebra rug, it totally completes this room!

xo Linda

DaenelT said...

Oh, honey, I could totally see myself blogging up a storm in that office. I'd even let the hubs in there for a minute but the kids? Nope! That would be my sanctuary. There's nothing about that office that I'd change.