Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Showers Brings May Flowers

I'm still working on my home's landscaping by adding some pretty. Home Depot was having a sale so I decided to pick up a few things. But first, I had to check out Pinterest for some inspiration.

I LOVED this look along the walkway and learned that those leafy shrubs are called Hostas. I need some of those.

Next up, some inspiration with color:

Oooooh, so pretty! I learned that those little pink flowers are called Impatiens. They are fairly easy to grow as are the Hostas and do well in partial sun and shade. Works for me!!

I loved the chartreuse green colored Hostas and found them on Home Depot's site. They are called Hosta Gold Standard and they cost $14.99 for 6 bare root plants.

I also purchased a deep green colored Hosta to mix it up a bit. They are called Van Zyverden Hosta Francee and cost $27.00 for 12 bare root dormant plants.

I only want to deal with plants not seeds. I need instant gratification for all the work so I headed over to for the Impatiens.

Impatiens (New Guinea) Jungle Rain Mix
I thought the color combo was fantastic and will look awesome with the Hostas.

Inpatiens en masse! Beautiful!
 I'm planning to purchase the Boxwoods sometime this week, especially after seeing this:

Hydrangeas, Boxwoods and Impatiens... so freakin' pretty and low maintenance.
 Lastly, some inspiration for along the sides of the house and along the driveway:

I REALLY need something along the foundation of the house. I hate when it rains and the dirt is splashed up against the house. Ugh...hate that.

Anyone working on their landscaping? Adding pretty flowers?


AliciaandVictoria said...

Pinterest is a great inspiration! inspiration for everything, I love DIY boards, it's so helpful

I love your gardens ideas, I need to show them to my mom, she's obssesed with gardening


Love your landscaping ideas. Just a word of caution if you live in an area with deer around, they love to eat hosta.