Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Randoms

Fall is officially here because I'm cold. I'm so not ready to let go of Summer but the crisp air signals cozy.. in the form of sweaters, cute boots, fabulous leather jackets.

So, to celebrate the change of seasons, I will interject a few stylish items in my closet.

1. Add some gray sweater-y neutrals to my not-yet- ready-to-let-go Summer colorful jeans:

via Pinterest
2. Add some Camel / Caramel to my "All Black Everything" leather jacket collection:

Via Atlantic-Pacific ala Club Monaco

3. Be bolder and more glamourous:

via Pinterest

4. Have a "Go-To" look for running errands:

via People StyleWatch

5. Embrace and ROCK the vampiness, that is the Burgundy lip:

Love this neutral face paired with a bold lip. So pretty!!
That's it for my fashion ramblings.. on to something more personal.

My Hubby is leaving for London today for business and while he hasn't left just yet, I already miss him terribly. We haven't been apart for 7 straight days in our entire 13 year relationship.

I feel many sleepless nights ahead...
Lastly, I'm thinking of getting inked. I have been saying that for a few years but I think I'm finally on the cusp of actually getting a tattoo.
Love the artisty and detail. I wonder if I have the guts to go this big?
I'm thinking something small like this one.. but I would like it to be colorful.
Upper thigh might be a good place for some fab inkage.


Do you have a tattoo? What is it? Did it hurt, alot? Do you have a recommendation for a tattoo artist in the NJ/NY area?

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