Monday, August 12, 2013

Great Adventures!

August is my birthday month and I've decided to do something fun every week.

The first week (well, July 31st, actually) I went to my first Beyonce concert.

She was FABULOUS and she KILLED it!

I have always wanted to learn how to make sugar gum paste flowers, so I took a class.

The class was alot of fun. I plan to make more sugar flowers... I must master it.

Hot air ballooning has been on my "To Do" list FOREVER... did it this past weekend!

I was so scared when the balloon started to go up in the air.. but once I calmed down, I really enjoyed the ride. 

It provided me with such a clarity and at that moment, I decided to add more adventure and enjoyable experiences to my life. 


K. Rock said...

How cool! I have always wanted to ride a hot air balloon too. I do think I would be scared but you came back alive so I should too!

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Adam Evanich said...

Like your posts, they're so thoughtful and like each of them has it's own soul and style.

Keep it up doing great work, I'll follow your blog :)


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