Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall Finds

The weather is already getting nippy, which means it's time to pull out your fall/winter collections from the closet. I had been adding to my wardrobe all summer with a few pieces here and there and wanted to share my favs from the lot... which I'm sure will be in heavy rotation.

Cocoon Coat - I LOVE this coat.. it's so chic. I love the collar, the bracelet sleeves and the length, the color and the shape.. I guess that's about everything.. lol. I can't wait to rock it!

The Scarf Coat - I love the unusualness of this coat. More than likely I would bunch up the scarf "collar" a bit so it looks so much more edgy.

Tuxedo Jumpsuit - I'm usually not a fan of the jumpsuit but this one beckons. It's kinda hot.

Structured Shoulders - This is for my "Sasha Fierce" moments.

All Finds


Christina said...

so chic

{The Perfect Palette} said...

love this

Anonymous said...

where can I find the jackets!? Please tell!