Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maybe A Baby?

Hi Darlings! Shame, shame on me for not writing for the past few weeks. My excuse is good though, I'm a newly wed, enjoying my newlywed-ness!

Sooooo you're probably wondering about that dubious title, huh? Well, we are not procreating at this point, just having fun with the recreational side of thangs. But we are considering a fur baby or two. My husband and I have always loved and had dogs and we're thinking we want to add one to our family. So I'm thinking of surprising him with one of these:


Isn't he just DARLING?? I'm currently looking at loving breeders to give one or two of these little balls of love, a home.


Anonymous said...

Maybe think about adopting a shelter dog before getting one from a breeder? Rescuing dogs is fabulous! www.petfinder.com

AmyKristen said...

Too cute. How could you not buy that cute little fur ball?