Saturday, September 18, 2010

Creative Storage

I'm so intrigued to see how interior designers utilize dead space around a home. I think no matter the size of a home, storage space is always fleeting.

I love these ideas:

I adore this idea. Creating a nook for a storage cabinet, wardrobe, armoire! It looks like a custom built in and provides much needed storage for linens, throws, pillows etc.

I even like those torch-y lamps, (what are those called?) flanking the cabinet.
Pretty cool.

Here's another idea:

What a great way to use another dead space! I love!


Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

It is a great way to use dead space and warm it up at the same time with the wood.

Melissa said...

Oh wow, I love both of these ideas. I love how the bookcase is built right into the wall. Makes wonderful use of a place where a bookcase would just be in the way. Built in storage areas like this would be great in just about any area of the home.

CASABrasi said...

I am loving that armoire in the hallway. You are the only person that wanted the Pear's Soap print, so it's all yours! Send me your address, and I will get it in the mail.

Marcus Design said...

Both of these built-ins are awesome!! I need to bookmark this, thanks for sharing :)

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

I am a storage freak! I love using wall space to create a cute storage haven... AOL has a lot of videos on home projects for creating storage space. They're usually really cute too.

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