Monday, April 11, 2011

Fab Sofa

I'm moving on from the living room furniture to the family room... and that means, "cheating on fashion with furniture".  I just saw SATC 2 and loved that line!! You may hear that alot around these parts.. maybe..

Anywhoo, I'm still deciding if we are going to keep the built-ins. We lose about 18" of floor space in the family room with the current book-shelving:

So, that means any furniture that we put in there will be that much closer to the fireplace and feeling cramped in there, I think.

Although, I just wanted to add a couple of club chairs and a table and lamp and call it a day.. I know that really won't bode well because we host our family and friends at our house, ALOT and where would everyone gather and sit? I think a sectional is in order and I LOVE this one!!
Linea Sectional

It's fabulous.. love the charcoal velvety fabric, the nailheads, even the throw pillows that come with it. The overall style is the bees knees. It's glam without being feminine.. (can masculine be glam??)

I mean after all, my husband will be living in the house too and I want there to be a balance. My hubby says that the house decor is a woman's domain and I can decorate anyway I want but I care about having a house that has a nice mix of feminine and masculine. I think this sectional is a great start.


Nuha said...

I die for anything velvet, and this is no exception. So glamorous! But my only advice with sectionals is that they are a bit annoying when you have people over because essentially they are all squished on to one couch. So now instead of a sectional I've split the two pieces which led to one being backless... Not saying you'll have the same problem, but I wanted to give you a little info :)

Samantha @ Black Velvet Chair said...

OMG nailhead trim - I die! Loves it and think it will look fab in that space.

anita said...

It's gorgeous!! (And seemingly perfect for the space.)

p.s. I think you'll be sorry if you get rid of the built-ins. I'd die for some built-ins! :)

Sarah said...

That is one amazing sofa!! Love the velvet and nailhead detail.

I quite like the built ins - I have seen so many photos of sofas being placed in front of beautifully styled built ins and they looked amazing. The Iswannee blog had the best examples from memory.

x Sarah

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Ladies! Thanks for stopping by!

@Nuha, When I was younger I hated the feel of velvet.. you could chase me around the world with a piece of velvet. But now I adore it. Thanks for the advice for the sectional. =)

@Samantha, Thanks Samantha. Nailheads are like the cherry on top.

@Anita, Thanks Anita. I was watching HGTV and the designer said in a small space one should have something with low profile arms or no arms... The consensus is to keep the built ins. =)

@Sarah, Thanks Sarah. I will check out that blog for shelf styling inspiration.