Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pregnant In Heels

I was talking with a friend today about babies and such. The conversation lingered long after we ended our phone call. I began to ponder, "what if?"

What if we decided to have a baby? Along with happiness and joy of being with child.... I would totally be pregnant in heels and a fashionable haute mama!

In that vein, there would be no duckies on a nylon diaper bags for me. THIS supple piece of leather goodness, would be the diaper bag of choice.

London Shopper Classic Diaper Bag

I just love this bag. I would totally rock it now sans pregnancy and use the bottle holders to stash my Lemonade in.

This one is super cute, too.


anita said...

mz wallace makes a great (and very chic) diaper bag.

Tonia said...

I haven't watched the show yet, but it looks pretty interesting, but I'm loving that bag

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