Sunday, October 21, 2012

New House Stuff

Wow, I can't believe I hadn't blogged in about 3 weeks. Eek! Seems that there just isn't enough time in a day lately.. Anyone else feel like that? Feels that way around this time a year... lots to do with so little time.

Anywhooo, I've been working on the house. Once the Summer was over, I had to turn my attention back to the house's decor.

We finally got a new bed for the master bedroom:

Isn't she a beauty!?! I just love to glossy Rococo-ness! I can't wait to dress the bed up with some 1000ct sheets, a fluffy white down comforter and a faux Chinchilla throw. It's gonna be so cozy and fabulous.

We bought a memory foam mattress for the first time and all I can say is, why did we wait so long to sleep on a cloud!?! The best part aside from the most wonderful sleeps, I can't feel when Chompers jumps on the bed, which is awesome for this light sleeper.

I have to paint the trim in this room, (ugh, hate painting) buy an area rug, a small sofa for our sitting area, window treatments, wall art, nightstands and lighting. I have my eye on a few pieces, hopefully, I can have this room completed by the New Year.

Next up, the dining room:

 It's difficult to photograph this room.. or better yet, it's difficult for ME to photograph this room. Ha!
I'm so loving our new dining table!! It has upped the ante of fabulousness and is the second step in creating my Glam, Asian, Rustic, Hollywood Regency dining room.

I HAVE to make a decision, like yesterday about refinishing my Regency chairs. I'm so conflicted.. should I go with a glossy black finish with faux Python upholstery? Or impart a little Rustic-ness by leaving the chairs with raw wood, (just sanded down to reveal it's natural wood and just seal) and use a rich black velvet for the upholstery?

So, my ideas are to add molding to this space, well actually the whole house but starting with this room. I think I want to add some color to this room. Perhaps some fuchsia or purple. I want to find an Asian influenced distressed long credenza, a coromandel, maybe an area rug, a fabulous Pagoda mirror, silk-like drapes and custom window seat bench and oversized throw pillows. I wish I knew how to create a mood board.

Love the molding in this space.. it's graphic and very Hollywood Regency.

I really love this color purple.. maybe I can find a purple velvet for the reupholstery and silk-like drapes in a shade lighter. I'm DYING over that Chinoiserie cabinet!!
I love this coromandel. It's way too big for my space but I would like to find something similar. It would be placed behind the credenza and used as art or it could be placed on a smaller wall and I could add a bench beneath, either way, I NEED one!

I would want something distressed like this but with storage. Can't find what I'm looking for.. *sigh*

I also love the idea of this decorative credenza. I think it would be equally fab painted or just as it is.

This lacquered beauty featuring Greek Key fretwork is awesome too but may be a little too "hard" to fit in my imagined look.

I LOVE the detail of this mirror!

On to the living room, I finally ordered some custom shades for my vintage living room lamps:
Still need to add another coat of creamier off white paint color to the lamps.. they are still too white.
The living room needs molding, a rug and some over-sized art. It's especially needed over in that corner where the piano is.. it will help balance my huge lamps. I also need some new, bigger throw pillows, at least 22". For color I'm thinking I need to add something with a large pattern,  black and white of course, with some fuchsia thrown for a pop of color.

Lastly, the family room:

The view from the living room to the family room.. it needs something.. Color? Different lighting? Rug? All of the above.

This sofa is the bane of my existence right now.. can't wait to get my English Arm sofa!
Sooooooo, I'm just gonna grin and bare it until after the holidays. This sofa will be perfectly fine for the holiday family gatherings. The upside is that the sofa is super comfy and the darkness of the room makes for perfect family movie night, reading and napping. The sofa is a keeper just not for this room.

In the meanwhile, I will interject a little color.. I'm thinking adding color to the back of the bookshelves via contact paper, some colorful throw pillows and a narrow coffee table / ottoman type thing. I also need to add a couple of side tables and lamps as the only lighting in there is overhead. At some point, I will get around to the window treatments and new chandelier.. but that will be after the new English Arm sofa is in there.

Don't mind that chair and lamp in the pic.. they are not staying.

That's it for now. I'm going to the fabric store next week for the dining room chairs.. Python or purple velvet.. decisions, decisions.


Jamie Herzlinger said...

I love where this is going! You can't beat black! Love your blog.

Love, Jamie Herzlinger

Anonymous said...

Holy sh*t...where do I start... After being without internet for a few months, I've been catching up on blogs so I've missed a lot from yours. The jealous! I'm dying for a real bed...and one that is utterly fabulous like yours! So I just did a post on Asian screens and then I see on your blog the screen...or taught me a new design word! I love it! I love all the inspiration pieces you've much chinoiserie goodness! Your couch...also very jealous! To die for! Ok, I'm totally sucked into your blog now and will be reading back on all the posts! It's all killing it right now! Totally dying over the peplum leather jacket you got too. Ugh!