Monday, October 22, 2012

Marble in the Kitchen

No, not renovating the kitchen.. just yet. But I will be making a marble addition to the kitchen.

Remember my quest and then subsequent decision to build a rustic kitchen island? Well, yeah.. no.. that didn't happen. Buh bye to the wooden island:

And "Hello Lover" to the new marble one:

Nate Berkus' kitchen island
I really loved Nate's version but I wouldn't spend $9480.00 on it. That's kinda ridiculous!

This one from Crate and Barrel is more in my lane.. not by much but hopefully it will go on sale, soon.

If I was handy, I could probably add a second shelf for more storage but I'm not however, that's what the handymen on Craigslist are for. Yay!

I would probably give it a paint job to make it a lighter gray and paint the accents an antique bronze, like the Nate Berkus island.

I think the marble would be a cleaner look in my kitchen and I won't fear getting a splinter from the more rustic, unfinished wooden island.

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