Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Designer's Challange

Hello All!! Missed you lots. Good news is I've been beautifying fellow bride to bes for their prospective wedding days. Busy, busy, busy but I love it!

Also made a big decision to change venues. So no longer will we have the romantic, vintage-y wedding at the mansion in PA. Now we're having a chic, city sleek wedding in the loft in NYC!!! I'm beyond thrilled even though we lost our hefty deposit on the mans. Having the wedding and reception at the Loft in NYC just feels right, you know? And the best part is we can transform it to anything we want.

In keeping with the city chicness, we're still keeping the black and white with jolts of fushia. BUT we're injecting black PATENT LEATHER and ZEBRA PRINT!! How fabulous does that sound!?!? I wanted to add the black patent leather for it's oh so cool look, perfect for a City nuptual. The loft has the clean lines and I thought it would be a divine compliment. The zebra print was my planner's idea and I loved it immediately.

I'm currently trying to put an inspiration board together. So stay tuned!!


style-ish said...

I think already told you this, but I love, love, love your location. Gorgeous!!

I can not wait to see your pictures.

P.S. I love this... said...


Thanks a bunch. We went to see it in person again..just takes my breath away. Can't wait to take pictures. *giggle*

Marli said...

would LOVE to see your board when you're done. it's crazily coincidental but we're a slick city loft-living couple getting married in a modern vintagey location and our moodboard: b&w with zebra skin (amongst other things!). still debating whether to add a shot of lime/fuschia or just keep it simple... lovely to "meet" you!

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Marli! Thanks for stopping by!! I'm hoping to have the inspiration board done by this weekend. Do share your modern vintage-y venue. I'd LUV to see it.

Marli said...

Did I mention our venue is in South Africa? I looked at your NY loft and it's so beautiful... I'm jealous! In a sweet way, not a nasty way of course! Our modern-vintage-country-glam venue can be viewed at though the pics don't do it justice! x