Thursday, February 19, 2009

Haute Flower Girls

I was chatting with my sisters about the wedding, more specifically their daughters, my nieces, ensemb for the wedding. I was sharing that I didn't want them to wear these gigantic dress with the customary bow in the back. Although very cute.. just not for me. I want the lil' ones to wear something stylish... I have yet to find a FG dress I like but fast forward to the accessories!

I told my sisters I want the girls to wear kinda oversized flowers in their hair. Yeah, that didn't bode well.. but I kept pressing my point. *blank stare from the sisters*

I was so frustrated because I didn't have a photo to show them but thanks to Elizabeth Anne Designs and her blogging super prowess, I found photos of flowergirls with haute flowers in their hair...

photos courtesy of via EAD

That little one, in the photo above, is destine for Teen Vogue, she's already perfected the "coy, chin over the shoulder" pose. Adorable!

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ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

aren't those the cutest girls ever!? thanks for the link love - that wedding was phenomenal!