Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fab Finds!

Hey Ladies! I have a new, well two new fab finds for your makeup bags. First up, you know how we all just love gel eyeliners... smooth application and smudgeproof goodness, right? Well sometimes it's not always the most ideal when traveling or reapplication or upgrading from a day look to a night look on the go. Lo and behold W7's gel liner in a PENCIL!! *cue the choir*

I love the definition, the rich color and "drag-less" application, just like our beloved potted gel liner, just more convenient. Gotta LOVE that! And for about $2.00 each, I love it even more!

The other fab find is an item that's going in my bridal kit. It's a truly long lasting, almost "tattooed" on eyeliner that's seriously not going anywhere 'til you take it off. And get this...no need for heavy duty makeup remover, this comes off with just warm water. This popular K-Palatte liquid eyeliner has already sold over one BILLION units in Japan and Singapore and I just added two more to that number. teee heeee

It's a little pricy at $30.00 a pop but it'll be totally worth it for those that can't get eyeliner to stay for the life of them.


tanya said...

oooh, i'm going to try this--i always use gel...thanks for sharing!

A "cheery" disposition said...

Can you find these at a store or do you have to order them?