Friday, June 5, 2009

I Come Bearing Gifts

Well, actually one gift but a truly FAB one!! FREE DAY OF COORDINATION!!!

Yes Ladies, you don't have to fret the details on the wedding day and you shouldn't. It's your time to finally relax and be pampered knowing your labor of love is in well manicured hands.

I give you By Your Side Events. They are based out of Atlanta and are expanding their fabulousness to the Tri-State area!

So here are the details:
You must be part of the "A List" to get behind the velvet rope. (so corny, right? but indulge me) So go 'head and add yourself to "Followers" section.

Send an email including the date of your event, venue, overall vision or theme, how you met, and the picture of the happy couple.

The one catch..your wedding has to happen in 2009.

There will be two lucky winners, so get to it Ladies!!

All entries should be emailed to Best of Luck!

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