Monday, June 22, 2009

Lush and Glamourous

What's so lush and glamorous? Gardenias! This flower is the grand dame of the all flowers in my opinion. The creamy white, velvety petals, the slick green leaves.. they just beg to be admired. Oh and don't even get me started on the fragrance. It is OUT OF THIS WORLD beautiful!!

Gardenias hold a special place in my heart because they remind me a of simpler time, when I was a young fabulista, watching my Mom get dolled up at her vanity for a night out on the town. She was the most glamorous woman I had ever known. And without fail, she would spritz the "Jungle Gardenia" in the air and walk into it's heady goodness. I would always wait with giddy glee until she spritzed me and saw me off to bed. I would lay in bed, smiling THIS HARD at how glam I now felt. I smile at the thought of it now. =)

So imagine how tickled I was when I received the sweetest gift from my fellow fabulista and sister-friend... a Gardenia Bonzai plant. First of all, it was a total surprise and who doesn't love a great surprise?? Then when it was unpackaged, in all it's quiet beauty.. my beloved gardenias.. 3 flowers and 4 more just waiting to bloom.

Can I tell you that my room smells DIVINE?? It even wafts into the hall and the master bath. Now I go to sleep and awake to feeling glamorous, just like Mommy taught me.

I suddenly decided, this is what I want to feel when I get married, happy and glam. So I began to look for a scent that authentically Gardenia.. not some heavy perfume that would choke a horse. Something light, airy and sweet.. I found this:

"Alcohol-free, this purest form of fragrance imparts the long-lasting aroma of velvety blossoms for a soft and sensuous aura.

The majestic Gardenia, fragrant queen of tropical flowers, celebrates feminine grace, joy and beauty. The allure of paradise.

The rich, velvety aroma accords of the majestic Gardenia, fragrant queen of tropical flowers."

Sounds good to me.


Tracy-Girl said...

I think they are a beautiful flower! And... any gardenia flower smell is amazing - i totally agree. Love the story about it reminding you of your mom. That is so sweet!

Miss Laura said...

Oh gardenias... beautiful x

P.S I love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Sweets for one of the sweetest persons I know. Beauty for the most beautiful lil sister inside & out. You deserve them & so much more. Can't wait until your special day!