Saturday, October 9, 2010

Who Has A Peacock Strut?

Christopher Peacock, the maestro for the most coveted kitchen design, that's who.

I had never pondered a white kitchen until I started blogging. Actually, I never gave any thought to how "pretty" a kitchen was.. clean and functional yes, "pretty", not so much. But Ladies, 'mine eyes have seen the glory'.

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White cabinets, Carrara marble, nickle draw pulls, warm wood flooring, lantern pendants and posing puppy... I adore it all!

I would love to have a kitchen like this so I started a hunt for the perfect inspired hardware and lighting. My first stop (and only thus far) is Overstock. I must admit, I found some rather nice offerings.

Oh, let me give you a little back story on this kitchen roundup. The house that we currently have under contract (woohoo) needs a new kitchen. The current kitchen was in the midst of a remodel however, the style, color, everything is just wrong, wrong, wrong for us. I think they tried to stay with the period of the house buuuuuut, no bueno! When we have the cabinets and countertops removed, I'll donate them to Habitat for Humanity's, ReStore.

I get to have a white kitchen (*breakdances*) and be involved in the reconfiguration of the floorplan as well as pick out all it's new finery. The best part is that there is already a new stainless steel Kenmore Elite refridgerator and a 48" GE Monogram Professional Range. What luck!

Two major appliances we don't have to buy. I know we need a new microwave but I'm not too sure about a dishwasher. Every place that we've lived has had one and we have never used it. So, I'm not sure I want to use precious storage space for something we won't use.

Ok, back to my Overstock booty.

I like this one. It comes in an impressive 5" length.
I like this one too but it only comes in 3".

And these are my current lighting favs:

Love this one!

This one is really pretty but not sure is "Peacock-y".

I would really love to find the lantern lights featured in the Christopher Peacock kitchen above but it would definately have to be a look for less. Any suggestions? OR should I go for a little glam in the kitchen with a couple of sparkly chandy pendants?


Sophia Lee said...

I love this white kitchen. I can't think of one thing bad about it, except maybe if I were to cook up some asian cultural dishes and were to splatter some sauces on the walls... But seriously, the lighting and the cabinets, everything makes it so inviting as how a kitchen should be.

mydesignchic said...

It doesn't get any more beautiful than a Peacock kitchen...perfect in every way!!

Sanity Fair said...

That kitchen island is DYNAMITE. How pretty are the columned corners? And it looks so cozy for seating - which most of them don't.
Great shopping finds!

Ann said...

That kitchen is so fab...I love it.

Anonymous said...

LOve the kitchen! I love your finds as well. But beware of the first light fixture. I have one similar and they are a pain to clean! Dust gets inside the bowl ... I'll go with second one or one that is completely enclosed!

lovely blog!