Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fab Finds

Our kitchen (in our soon to be house) is rather small-ish. So with some creative maneuvering during the remodel, the space will be more functional and more easy on the eyes. However, I do have a dilemma with storage and seating. Not enough storage and no real area for seating.

Now you may be wondering, "Well, if you're doing a remodel, why don't you have the additional storage and seating you need?" The short answer is when your doing a 203K loan, a mortgage that covers both purchase and repairs, you cannot add anything that's not already there. So while I can make changes to the existing cabinetry, flooring, lightening, re-arranging the appliances, it still doesn't create the function of a modern family. The house is 112 years old...it's a charmer but Mama needs more storage and seating.

The answer... an eBay find, a super cool kitchen island.

This is an awesome find because it's inexpensive and two kills 3 birds with one stone, it provides seating, storage and it looks great!

I thought my only options would be a kitchen cart, ugh!

Last night while surfing the interwebs for said ugly kitchen cart, I happened upon 'kitchen furniture', which lead me to the pretty kitchen islands. You can't imagine my excitement as I had NO idea this solution existed beyond buying from a custom and costly cabinetmaker.

My excitement was abound when I discovered this seller on eBay that made custom kitchen islands with all these cool features, with most offerings around $1200.00.
Pull out pot drawers

Dish rack

Trash bin

Spice rack

Other offerings from this seller:

Apron sink with faucet
Pretty corbels

Love those pullouts

Locking butcher block slide out

Another island with a sink option

Granite countertop choices

Love the design of this one

Large custom island

Love the integrated wine rack and open shelves
I'm always amazed by what I find while surfing in the wee hours of the morning.

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Those cabinets are practical and amazing looking