Wednesday, January 26, 2011

They Are Wearing This To The Prom?

This year is my daughter's senior prom and I'm so excited! I plan to take her to look at dresses tomorrow just to see what styles she likes and what looks good on her and basically have a mother/daugther day out.

I picked up a prom gown catalog just to see what girls are wearing these days. Undoubtly, very sexy dresses because I wore a Faviana prom dress for my wedding reception.
There were lots of pretty dresses. This year seems to be all about animal print, tropical and botanical prints.

Very cute stuff.

There's even a gown for the Oscar's inspired prom.

But there was one dress that stopped me in my tracks..

This "prom" dress is so not prom-y. I can totally see this on a bride and if not an actual bride, at the very least on a model for a haute bridal photoshoot. It looks couture and quite fabulous. I Love it!

Best part, it's only around $500.00. Say what?!?


Bri said...

Oh my goodness!!! Where is that found it would make for a super chic reception dress with an altered hem......mmmmm

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish these prom dresses were around when I went to prom! Or the kids at my high school wouldn't have looked like I was crazy. That would make a super cute/different wedding dress! Happy shopping!