Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pretty-ing The Patio

I'm firing on all cylinders with the house.. trying to get the inside together as well as the outside. It's too late to plant flowers but I have a plan of action for next Spring. I will certainly need a year to get the funds together.. who knew freakin' flowers and trees cost soooooo much!!

Anywhooo, I would like to have the patio furnished.. something really cute and relaxing and of course fabulous. So, I've been hunting craigslist like a mad woman but nothing has materialized that doesn't look like crap-ola.

I'm really loving these looks below..

So lovin this.. it's perfect. The stone table and nice chairs just screams "Let's dine al fresco!" Where do I find one of these stone tables... and those fab planters for that matter?

This is a really cute look too. I know this would be alot of trouble draggin' the furniture in and out of the house but it's darling.

Really cute too!

Impractical, yes. Fabulous, YES!! Maybe I can reserve this look for a special occasion.


Nuha said...

ooh you're right! Love them all :)

anita said...

Later in the summer (like in a couple of weeks) all the outdoor furniture in all the stores will be 1/2 off.
Perfect timing!

(Plants and trees are *so* expensive.)

GorgeousPuddin said...

I really like all the looks. The first and last are favs.

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Love all the inspirational photos! Love all the prior posts!
Have a great Sunday!
Jamie Herzlinger