Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trying My Hand...

at my first home project, the third floor bathroom.

It has good bones. Great vintage tile floor, clawfoot tub, wainscoting and it's spacious.

I like the paint color, which is a light aqua but I would like to make it more sexy. I'm thinking painting the the room black. I think it would work well because although the windows are small, the room gets GREAT light. Also, I would like to change the mirror and light sconces. I need some bling up in there. The sink also needs a skirt...don't want everybody to see her "business" down below and it would give me some storage.

Love the tub and still thinking about painting it... and removing that "winterized" sticker. I would also like to get a shower faucet.. I love those!

I would like to put some kind of tufted seating along the wall under the windows. I would also like to have some kind of window dressing. Maybe I'll try some tulle on  the windows, like Dolce and Gabbana in their Italian villa.

This area needs a little chest to hold toiletries and the like... Not sure if the prior owners planned to hang that little cabinet but I'm not a fan.
So, here's my "To-Get" list:

Some crystal sconces

                                                                                or this

A clawfoot tub shower fixture:

A new mirror:

A new sink skirt, that I plan to make:

Need some seating:

Something like this...

                                                                                or this

A little chest:

Basically, my bathroom is inspired by this fabulous room.

This room is so fabulous! I love every single element. I also want my bedroom to be inspired by it.


K. Rock said...

Sounds like its gonna be so pretty. Be sure to keep us updated on the process.

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi K.Rock!

I will certainly show updates.. even though the toilet exploded, in said bathroom last night.. wish I could call Maintenance, like the good ole days.

My Little Boudoir said...

Love the ideas. I think a Venetian mirror would look glorious, too!