Thursday, July 14, 2011

Before, After, Beaver and Bushes

The exterior painting of the house is complete. Our painters were amazing, they completed the paint job in five days. Although I've never had to have a house painted before, I would imagine five days for an old house that needed lots of preparation before hand, was impressive.

Here's the before, with yellow exterior, white trim and green accents.

Here's the after, gray with white trim and black accents.

The porch with gray primer.. (See that board on the lawn? Story about that below.)

Pretty porch

Side of house..

We have to buy more shutters for those windows on the second floor.. I can't take those windows looking like eyes.

That big hole was caused by a hulky groundhog. The hole is half that size before we put that board over it a few days ago and when we checked the hole today, it was TWICE the size.

I'm scared of rodents.. don't know what I would do if I saw it in person. I have to find out how to get rid of the unwanted guest.

We are currently working on the landscaping, you know, trying to pretty up the front of the house with some pretty flowers and greenery... trying to make everything neat and pretty.

I made a visit to my newest favorite haunt, Home Depot and bought a hedge trimmer and some other things for said prettiness.

Wanna see how the hedge trimming went?

The Hubby is giving it a go... so far, so good.
Now, we have hedges with alopecia.


anita said...

so happy for you! it looks amazing.
(and i too, think 5 days is remarkably fast!)
i love your porch.

GorgeousPuddin said...

It's coming along!! Whoo chile I'm glad you think the 2nd floor looks like eyes too! See we're both crazzy! LOL! But yeah handle that!

Alopecia bushes??? ROTFL!

Stacey said...

amazing paint job and transformation!