Monday, August 15, 2011

Wishy Washy

Although, my blog post could be applied to the annoying torrential rainy weather we've been having in the NYC area, I'm actually talking about me kinda wavering on my living room sofa choice.. the color that is.

I have been of the almost constant mindset that I want a creamy white sofa. How could I not? It always looks good. I can change the look with a switch-a-roo of different throw pillows. Voila!

But now.. after seeing THIS... I'm totally buckling and thinking I want a sexy black sofa.

I haven't put in the order for the sofa yet, just gave the furniture maker an idea of what I wanted in terms of shape and size but haven't pulled the trigger on the actual color and fabric.

Decisions, decisions. UGH!!

Here's a pic of my living room.. what say you?

Sofa will go on the left (side of pic) and be made to fit into that window seat space. So...should we go with a BLACK or WHITE sofa?


anita said...

I love the idea of a black sofa, but I think fading would be a major issue -- that's a big window, letting in a lot of sun.
Maybe the white is a better option for the space. Plus, pillows are fun to buy!

GorgeousPuddin said...

I love black and think it would look great in the space! But I also think white would look good too! I am no help I know LOL!

Anonymous said...

White, to offset the piano and fireplace.

P.S. I love this... said...

Hey Ladies!

@Anita - You made a great observation.. I didn't even think of the black fading in that window. That would be tragic..

@Gorgeous - I just busted out laughin'.. no help at all. Teeeheeee

@Janeen - That's exactly what the Mister said.. he said a black sofa near the piano would make it look like a black hole.

Thanks Ladies.. you've been a great help. White sofa it is.

fried john said...

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Anonymous said...

great photos. love the second photo. so cozy looking but still modern and fresh

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