Wednesday, August 1, 2012


We purchased a sofa from ZGallerie for the family room and while very comfy and a great color, it doesn't really work for me. I know we wanted something conducive to the family lounging and TV watching but the sofa is just too casual for me.

Please excuse phone pic..
I figured we had it for only a week and no one has sat on it because the TV hasn't been hasn't been hung above the fireplace, that I would return it.

ZGallerie was very "Hell to the NO!" about that idea. Actually, their return policy is so ridiculous that we are forced to keep it. They require a 50% of the purchase price restocking fee and another $310.00 for the sofa to be picked up. So, that's about $700.00 to return a sofa that cost us about $1000.00. Say what now?!?!?!

I was steaming and to add insult to injury, the sales rep says, "You have to make a decision right now!".  WHAT!?!?!

Great customer service, ZGallerie! *sarcasm*

After I put her on a lengthy hold, my husband and I chatted about it and was basically forced to decide to keep the sofa. We plan to wrap it and place it in the basement and buy yet ANOTHER sofa.

I'm so annoyed with myself for not getting someone on the phone to clarify that return/exchange policy. Based on this experience, I will never, ever purchase anything from ZGallerie. I'm kinda bummed because I really like that store's aesthetic.*sigh*

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Gorgeous_Puddin said...

WOW! I hate this happened to you. I'm glad to know though. I won't buy anything I'm unsure of cause girl... that's ground for setting it off!