Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Just like my fellow bridal-istas, I have been looking for my wedding day "look". I have my fab gown that really speaks to my personality and a great start for accessories... still undecided on shoes and if I will wear a veil.

I have a point of reference for my hair and now that leaves the makeup. My day to day look is a super perfected complexion, strong, well groomed brows, thin liner on upper lids and loads of three types of mascara. Hey, what can I say, I love a feathery lash. A swipe of highlighter on the brow bone, down the center of my nose and upper cheekbones. I finish with a warm nude lipcolor followed by a shimmery lip gloss. Looks good for everyday or mostly everyday. In fact, many of my bridal clients, once they meet me for their trials, they'll say 'I want my makeup like yours'. It's a great compliment and seemingly it's a great look for bridal.

But I feel like I want a little more for my wedding day look. I've been toying with idea of the smokey look, which can be perfect, if done correctly. And I say done correctly because I will have someone do my makeup.. although I'm a makeup artist.. the last thing I want to do is do my own makeup. The excitement of the day will probably cause me to never get my lashes on right.. make my eyebrows uneven or some other equally tragic makeup mishap.

So through my Google and various blog travels, I came across this photo of Alicia Keys. And while a huge fan of her music, her makeup always seems a bit off. It so weird but I digress so back to the fabulous picture of her with fab makeup.

source theybf.com

I LOVE this look so much. The gunmetal smokey eye with the nude lips, just sings to me. It's a very clean look with just enough sass. It's perfection for the late afternoon ceremony and evening reception.

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redframe said...

I just had my trial on Sat and loved the natural look we achieved, now these gorgeous pics are making me think: stronger on the smokiness! Looks amazing. And I totally get that you need a make-up artist!