Monday, November 10, 2008

Part Deux

Like many brides, I plan to be a two dress bride. My reason is simple and practical, I want to be able to dance at the reception! My gown has a long train and I don't plan to have it bustled because I won't be wearing it after the first dance, which will happen pretty much at the beginning of the reception. Our plan is to get the "traditions" and toasts done earlier in the night so the partying can commence. Also that's a good time to get all the photography in because I don't want them to snap a bunch of photos of us dancing. I've seen my dance face.. it's too funny!

So I've found a few Part Two dresses but this is a strong contender for number 1.

I love that it's pink, short and fabulous. It's quite Marchesa-esque, no? I think so, but without the couture price tag. I even love it with the belt, which would be essential to widdle my curves that could be easily lost in a dress with all the ruffleage. A fun dress that's still special enough for a wedding reception. It's available in black but the pink really has me enchanted.

While looking at this pretty dress, I came across a few others from the same designer, Karen illen, that I loved as well:

This is a wool lace dress. The cut is flattering almost tailored and the style.. well is timeless. I've never been a fan of anything lace.. I've never been into grandma chic, which is what lace reminds me of.. but with this dress, I may be changing my tune.

Blue is my favorite color so this had my heart from "hello". Again great cut, perfect the length.

How darling is this dress? I love the colors and the floral pattern.. again another thing that I never really fancied but I really want this in my closet. A great update on a 50's style. It's demure yet somehow sexy... I love it!

You can find all these lovely dresses and many other great pieces at


Abbie said...

Love, love, LOVE the blue dress!

marnieleigh said...

love them all - they really stand on their own so it's a totally personal decision. Love the pink, the floral and the sapphire blue.
Who is the designer?

Naomi said...

where did you find these lovelies??? who makes these! i looooove the pink dress!

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Abbie, Marnieleigh and Naomi!!! Thanks for stopping by. My apologies..for forgetting to add the where to buy info. I'm adding it now. =D

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I'm love reading blogs to get inspiration for my wedding and i absolutely flippin' adore all three of those dresses. I can totally picture my bridesmaids wearing the first two...and the third during my wedding weekend. Just thought I'd second your findings!!

Jalila said...

that first one is insane. I can't stop thinking about it. Does ASOS ship to the USA? I'm always afraid to buy online and get the wrong size.

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Anon and Jalila,

Thanks for stopping by!!! Those dresses are just the bee's knees, I tell ya!

Jalila, Yes ASOS ships to the US. The clothes run small. I wear a US size 6 and I ordered the dress in a 12UK. If it's too big, I'll have it tailored. I'd rather have too big than too small. I've ordered from them TONS..and loved everything with no issue in sizing.