Saturday, November 22, 2008

"...I Wore A Bird On My Head.."

Everytime I watch SATC, (yup I still watch it at least once a week) that part cracks me up. The girls are like, 'that's what that was.... oh it was nice'. I die laughing everytime. Just goes to show your bestiests are priceless.

That said, I think I wanna wear a bird on my head *giggle*. But nothing as fashion forward like Carrie's. I'm not that brave.

I've been looking for an addition or alternative to wearing the cage veil or cathedral veil. You know, something cute to adorn my hair after the veil comes off. And while I know I wanted a crystal comb or something, I hadn't found anything that spoke to me. I've come across plenty of pretty things but nothing that whispered, "buy me", until this...

I was really taken by it. It's vintage looking, sparkly and unique. Although it's a bird, it's designed in a way that doesn't exactly scream, look at me, I'm a bird! I think I could have found a better adjective but my brain has been mush all day. So anyhoo...not only do I love the design and the cute factor it will add to my hair and ensemb, I love what it will symbolize for me on that day. The bird represents me being free in my love with Treasure. It represents finding "The One" encouraging me to soar, in every facet of my life, beyond my wildest dreams. It represents the serenity I've found with him. It represents the beauty of knowing I'm making a wonderful decision to marry him. For that, I'll happily wear a bird on my head. =D

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