Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inspiration Board

While in the midst of preparing my Thanksgiving dinner, I was working on an inspiration board. Before I present my feeble attempt at making one, let me give you a little back story...

I've changed my venue, dress and "theme" three times!!! I've wasted ALOT of money on deposits because I was so caught up in the "perfect" wedding. Basically what it boiled down to was me not staying true to myself and trying to have this "princess" wedding.. which by all means is fabulous, just not me. But it took me a few tries to finally figure it out.

The last time we changed venues and themes was when I met with my event designer at the now current venue. I told her what I wanted, which was the pink, black and white Glam theme...with the chandeliers, pink tufted couches, mirrored furniture.. the whole nine. She took one look at my inspiration photos and the new venue and said "no". I was dumbfounded.. what did she mean no?? Being the openminded person I am.. I asked her to give me her thoughts. She went on to say that the venue and the theme I wanted, clashed and proceeded to give me a color palette to work with. The nerve of her right?! It was genuis and I appreciated her honesty and not trying to appease my poor judgement.

Hmmmm, I thought to myself, actually I kinda like that idea. So then I went to my trusty laptop and showed a photo of a pair of shoes I saved and were planning to buy.

The much coveted, by me, Puccis!! That's when then "Pucci" wedding was born!

She fell in love with the Pucci-esque wedding idea. I told her that I wanted a fashion forward type of feel- something ridiculously stylish, cool and effortless looking. We decided to incorporate our own Pucci-esque design to the decor and other decorative elements, including our own custom made Pucci-esque fabric for accents to bring the whole look together.

My event designer plans to use beautiful blue table linens with accented with "pucci" napkins, there will be oversized pillows made for the lounge area- black leather couches and white lacquer end tables, plenty of candles and yellow orchids. She will be also using the fabric to wrap the personal bouquets, mine and the bridal party, there will be three flowergirls and the oldest will have a sash made out of the fabric and pocketsquares or ties for the groomsmen. I'm not sure where else she would want to use it but as long as it's done tastefully, I'm game. I'm so excited!!!

So now the colors were blue, aqua, black, white with yellow as an accent. I must say that it was kizmet because from the inception I wanted blue in our decor, as it's Treasure and my favorite color but didn't know how to pull it together without being boring. Finally, after much trial and error, we have something that's really cool and "works" FABULOUSLY with the waterfront, floor to ceiling windows, AMAZING view of the NY Skyline space and I owe it all to my lovely event designer.

Here's my first inspiration board with a preview of our monogram, by Delovely. I plan to do another once the fabric has been completed. We'll then design the tablescape and take pictures of it to share.

**Editor's notes - Nope, that's not my engagement ring but I do have a BEAUTIFUL 3ct canary diamond oval shaped ring with a diamond halo. I just can't take a good photo of it.

Why the photo of the couple on a boat?? Because we're getting married in the City but having the reception in Jersey, we'll have the opportunity to take the ferry to the venue. I think our guests will love the different mode of transportation.

Is that my gown? Yup! =D


Faire La Fete Productions said...

Oooh! Love the Pucci inspiration. I've always loved his prints. I cant wait to see how it all unfolds!

ct said...

hi! i absolutely love following your wedding planning! i've been unsuccessfully searching for your pucci pumps! where did you find them???

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Ladies, Thanks for stopping by!! I'm so thrilled with the new Pucci wedding. =D I'm anxious to see how it all comes together.

CT, I haven't found the shoes that I wanted.. but I still have the other Pucci shoes. However I am rethinking actually wearing them for the wedding as now, I feel that it might be too much. The shoes that I have currently I bought from

ct said...

Thanks! Well, I think whatever you choose is going to be just fabulous! I love your style--it's such a perfect blend of fashion and fun, but still being classic. I think you made a great pick with the colors. For what it's worth, I think the shoes are fun--since they really won't be seen too much, but you'll know you're wearing them. And isn't that part of the fun? :) Congrats and I look forward to continuing to follow your blog!

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi CT, You've just made my day!! Thanks for the compliments. I'm happy to hear that my ideas translate to fashionable,fun yet classic! Just what I was going for. =)

I'm keeping the shoes and more than likely will have them with me, along with the other two pair (crazy right?!?) that I bought for the wedding and choose that day. teeeheee