Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trendsetting Part Deux

Can I just say I LOVED how Kate Beckinsale graced the red carpet for the Golden Globes?? When I first saw her pic, the first thing that came to mind was her gown was GORGEOUS... a perfect fashionable wedding gown. The other thing I loved was the simple put her face front and center and you could focus on how beautiful she is AND the fab details of the gown. Lastly, the earrings! I loved the oversized, statement earrings. It brought in a little color and was unexpected. Loved it. And it's deliciously on trend for 2009 wedding style.

photo courtesy of FabSugar

I just keyed (industry speak for lead makeup artist) for a bridal editorial and there was lots of oversized florals, that I absolutely swoon over and oversized baubles...rings, bracelets-almost stacked to elbow, statement bib necklaces and oversized, glorious earrings. These items weren't worn all at the same time, of course but boy did it look FABULOUS with a capital "F".

2009 bridal fashion is all about the luxe factor. If you're planning to wear pearls, wear a ton of them.. different sizes and lengths. If doing a "diamond" look, go for the biggest earrings your ears can handle. Stack those Regina B. bangles...bring your something blue in a bold way like this. After all why not take advantage of your "all-eyes-on-me" starlet moment?



gorgeous dress! and boy does she have the shape to pull it off!!

tanya said...

this dress is to die for--the earrings seal the deal. What can I say? The girl looks good. :-)
Love your blog by the way!!

Globetrottingbride said...

I love, love, love this gown!!

Teresa said...

What an interesting gown. I love the neckline!