Monday, January 5, 2009

Makin' Up Ain't Hard To Do

Please excuse the title, I thought it was kinda cute. Bad grammer aside, the premise is the same...make up isn't hard to do when armed with good information. The 411 in Bobbi Brown's latest book, "Makeup Manual", is a great resource for a DIY bride. If you're planning to do your own makeup for your wedding, this book is a must have.

I received a copy today and it was a treat. The first part of the book anyway, which is geared toward being a step by step, beautifully photographed guide. The second part of the book, the "Pro" part was... meh.

Armed with this book, I'm confident that the makeup challenged can step up their game.

Also, Miss Brown will be signing copies of her new book at Bloomingdale's SoHo on January 8th, from 2pm-3pm. Call (212) 729-5900 to reserve a spot.

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