Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree...

I need to get in gear with my Christmas decorating. At the very least, put up my tree. I love the warm, fuzzies that a decorated Christmas tree gives me and this year's will be bittersweet.

 This will be the last year that my daughter is my "baby". She will be going to college and things will be different. A good different but different, nonetheless.

This will be the last Christmas in our cozy apartment. We've shared lots of great memories here and looking forward to creating lots in our new house. Bummer, it won't be ready until March but a blessing because it's ours.

Today, we'll go get our Christmas decor out of storage and go get the biggest tree our place can accommodate and decorate to our heart's content.



I feel behind too. I did put up the tree on Sunday but that's all I've accomplished. Well some shopping too but there's a ton left to do! Good luck :)

Reggie said...

I feel you.

My own dear daughter finally put up our tree this afternoon and she didn't want to put it up at all.

My daughter, our youngest, is a college sophomore and she and my wife decided amongst themselves that they weren't decorating this year. Today I took the tree out of our garage and asked her to put it up....since my wife is out of town on business.

I don't see a problem with putting up a tree, I just refuse to make my house and front yard look like an airport with all the lights some of these fools in my neighborhood put up every year. I wrote a blog a couple of weeks back called A White Trash Christmas, where I went into how some of my neighbors overdo it just a tad bit.

If this isn't the last year a tree will go up in my house, it's probably pretty close. I guess that going forward I'll wait until my grandchildren are born to do it again. With both my children in college, hopefully that'll be some time from now.

I can remember a time when my two crumbsnatchers would clamor to have that tree go up on Thanksgiving or the day after.

Hey I guess times change ya know.

Good luck in your new home.

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

I'll be decorating the tree today too.

Just found your blog -- love it!

quintessence said...

My tree is up but not yet decorated. I am waiting for mine to return from college - a treat that you will soon experience!