Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cute Last Minute Gifts

I'm a notorious procrastinator. I have admitted it.. that's the first step to recovery. Every year, without fail, I wait until the absolute last minute to do my Christmas shopping. It's terrible, I know. Having to rush to the mall and fight with the other procrastinators and buying things you really don't wanna buy but have to because you waited to the 12th hour. *sigh* I must stop doing this to myself.

However, my saving grace is the interwebs. I scan for cute things, within budget and high tail it to said the store and pray they still have it. Great idea, right? LOL I know it's not but humor me. Sometimes I call the store and ask if they have the items that I'm looking for, if they do I BEG and PLEAD for them to hold it for me and assure them that I'm around the corner from the store to pick it up. Works most of the time.

So here are a few items that I have to make a mad dash for today.

First up, Kohl's for the friend that's moving into a new place:

ELLE DECOR Marble Accent Table $37.00

ELLE DECOR Horn Bowl $27.99

  Then, I have to circle back to Macy's for sister.. desperately needs new pots:

Tools of the Trade Basics Classic 12 Piece Cookware Set  $34.00

After that, it's to the mall to visit Coach:

Madison Dotted Op Art Wristlet $48.00
While at mall, stop at JC Penney's, for the other diva girlfriends:

Chris Madden Faux Fur Throw in Black  $19.99

Then have Hubby stop at Target:

Metal Table  $69.99 (This is for ME)

Still have a few others on the list to buy for but I think those will be gift cards. Who doesn't love a gift card?

Hope you didn't wait 'til the last minute for your Christmas shopping.

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Fabulous ideas! I actually bought one of those faux throws this weekend :)

Merry Christmas!