Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wish List Wednesdays

I know it's Thursday but let's pretend it's Wednesday.

Here are some my Christmas gift picks. Although I would like to receive them, it's better to give. So here we go!

Pottery Barn Monogrammed Cozy Robe. Who wouldn't love this practical yet luxurious gift. 

Jayson Home & Garden Tyrol Horn Vase. Fabulous gift for your nesting friend. I love it's unisex appeal. Though a vase, I wouldn't put flowers in it, it's pretty enough on it's own.

Bed Bath and Beyond Retro Series Popcorn Popper. For that friend or relative that loves cozy nights in with their latest shipment from NetFlix. Why have a plain 'ole popper when you can have one with nostalgic flair? Don't forget the popcorn.  

Activision Call Of Duty: Black Ops video game. For the man in your life, that turns into a boy when playing his video games. I really think gaming is the fountain of youth for men.
Pretty Clever Decor Bronze Elephant Card Holder. Cute gift for that business tycoon in your life.

That's the round up for this week and they are all priced UNDER $100.

I'm off to buy wrapping paper to coordinate with my tree ornaments, ala Eddie Ross' stylist secret for that decorator look.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I want that popcorn popper. That is just soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

I really want to try that Call of Duty I've heard so much about. But I would need to get an XBOX 360 first. We're still rockin with the old one. And I never knew how much my husband loved video games until he stayed up all night playing one...LOL

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I have had my eye on those pottery barn robes... they look so cozy!!

K. Rock said...

My hubs loves that game. He goes on and on about how cool it is.