Thursday, December 23, 2010

Latest Craigslist Find and Kitchen Pics

Received an update from the contractor and things are moving along nicely. Good news is we have new heating system, bad news, we had to get rid of all of those antique, beautiful radiators. We also have new electric throughout the house, bye bye knob and tube wiring.

I remembered that I hadn't share photos of the kitchen. This is how it looks currently..

Taken from Butler's Pantry Area view

This wall is along the mud room/back door entrance

This is the left side of the previous photo. Two windows flank the sink but I really wish there was a window above the sink.

The range on the far side of the room

Used to be a painted tin ceiling but had to drop the ceiling to run new plumbing and electric.

The beginning of drywalled ceiling and lights.
I'm a tad bit bummed that we can't redo the kitchen at this time. But we can certainly live with it. It has Soapstone counters, all wood cabinets, some kind of tile flooring. A fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and walls and we're in temporary business.

The new heating and electric was quite extensive (so it sucked up the kitchen money) but it was well worth it and the most important elements for this 100 year old house. The kitchen will stay for now... we plan to do the kitchen over next year.

This is the inspiration:

Click to enlarge

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Please excuse the pics, I took them with my camera because I couldn't find the images online. But isn't it FAB!!  It's an L-shape design, just like our kitchen and the design is PERFECTION!! Everything I want and more.

Here's is my latest Craigslist find. Two decorator designed chairs. They're over-sized and really cool, meshing Modern with Traditional.

A STEAL at $25.00 per chair. I think the wood needs to be stained a darker color but other than that, they are beautiful and only needs a toss pillow or two.


K. Rock said...

Man I love me a kitchen remodel. I can't wait until you can get started on it.

GorgeousPuddin said...

You find THE greatest stuff on Craigslist!!!

That kitchen is going to be fabulous! I expected nothing less! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Those chairs are to die for! Such a steal.

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

I have that same Kenmore Elite 40" only mine is electic with the glass top. I'm sooooooooo jealous of that kitchen, butler's pantry. My little 1955 rambler doesn't have all of that :) I love those chairs and at $25 a pc? Where they on drugs or something?

Cristin @ Simplified Bee said...

Your kitchen is getting there! It is going to look fabulous!

The chair at $25 is a steal.


Nuha Sofiyan said...

first a gorgeous house, and now gorgeous chairs! how in the world do you find such incredible things!! so jealous!

Apt. #34 said...

we are about to start our gut job - now I know where to go to for inspiration and tips! hope you have a wonderful new year!