Saturday, June 5, 2010

How Cute!

How fab is this serving plate?! It's from Hobby Lobby and I just HAD to snatch up a couple with my new last name's monogram.. not "E" but "A".

I came across this super cute find on ellyB She's a wedding planner from Atlanta with an excellent eye for all things chic wedding.

I had to purchase this beauty on-line as there are no Hobby Lobby in NJ. BOOOOO!

They would make a great hostess gift, no?

Would it be totally obnoxious to order 8 plates to use as dinner plates for holiday dinners?


Pink Peony said...

Theses are so chic. Love them!

Eliana B. said...

Not obnoxious at all. Your guests will see how serious you are about entertaining in your wonderful united home. Do it and make sure to take tons of pictures.

Also thank you for the blog love!